1. Foreword
  2. Subject and problems of agroclimatology
  3. A brief history of the development of national agroclimatology
  4. The main climatic factors necessary for plant life
  5. Need of plants in climate conditions. Classification of plants
  6. Principles of Agricultural Climate Assessment
  7. Evaluation of thermal resources
  8. Evaluation of light resources
  9. Evaluation of moisture resources
  10. Evaluation of hibernation conditions of plant
  11. Evaluation of agricultural bonitet of climate
  12. Agroclimatic evaluation of meteorological hazards
  13. Early frosts
  14. Droughts
  15. Hot winds
  16. Dust storms
  17. The microclimate and its account in agroclimatology
  18. Evaluation of of agroclimatic conditions in relation to animal husbandry
  19. Climate and allocation of grasses on the USSR territory
  20. The need for herbs in climatic conditions
  21. Characteristics of of agroclimatic conditions and agroclimatic zoning in relation to herbs
  22. Agroclimatic characteristic territory with regard to animal husbandry
  23. Methods of agroclimatic processing of observation data
  24. Calculation of the phenomenon probability by its average value
  25. Control and treatment of observations of soil moisture and freezing
  26. Control and treatment of phenological observations
  27. Mapping of agroclimatic indicators
  28. Agroclimatic zoning of the USSR and of the world
  29. Common agroclimatic zoning of the territory USSR
  30. Special agroclimatic zoning
  31. Agroclimatic zoning of area and an individual area economy
  32. Agroclimatic zoning of the world
  33. Worldwide agroclimatic analogues
  34. Evaluation of agroclimatic conditions and agroclimatic zoning for individual crops and farming techniques
  35. Wheat
  36. Corn
  37. Potato
  38. Grapes
  39. Subtropical cultures
  40. Cotton-plant
  41. The use of agroclimatic resources for year-round production of fresh agricultural products
  42. Influence of climatic conditions on the appearance and spread of diseases and pests of agricultural crops
  43. Impact of climate on crop quality
  44. Changing of agroclimatic resources
  45. Directed human impact on climate
  46. Undirected climate change

Синицина Н.И., Гольцберг И.А., Струнников Э.А. Агроклиматология. – Ленинград. Гидрометеоиздат, 1973. – 344 с.