Bioacoustics of fishes


  1. Introduction
  2. Features of distribution and sound emission in water
  3. Research Methods of bioacoustics of fishes. Register of sounds
  4. Research Methods of bioacoustics of fishes. Acoustic treatment of records
  5. Research Methods of bioacoustics of fishes. Methods of sounds reproduction
  6. Research Methods of bioacoustics of fishes. Some biological research methods
  7. The physical characteristics of fishes sounds in connection with the construction and operation of their sound bodies
  8. Hearing of fishes
  9. The organs of hearing of fishes
  10. The boundaries of hearing and sensitivity of fishes to the sound frequencies
  11. The sharpness of fish hearing
  12. Distinguishing the direction of the sound source by fish
  13. Ability of fishes to allocate sounds in background noise
  14. Comparison of issued and perceived sounds by fish
  15. The biological significance of produce sounds by fish
  16. Sound activity of fishes in relation to the environment
  17. Sound activity of fish by seasons
  18. Sound activity of fishes during the day
  19. Acoustic signaling of fishes
  20. Eyesight of fishes
  21. The sense of smell of fishes
  22. The sense organs of the lateral line system
  23. Sense of touch of fishes
  24. Signal meaning of “mechanical” sounds of fish
  25. Sounds of eating of fishes
  26. Sounds of movement of fish
  27. Signal meaning of “voice” reactions of fishes
  28. Aggression and Defense Signals of fish
  29. Spawning signals of fishes
  30. Call of female of fishes
  31. Identification signals of sex of fishes
  32. The signals associated with the “courtship” of fishes
  33. Identification sounds of spawning of fishes
  34. Spontaneity sounds of fishes spawning
  35. “The Scream” and flutter of a wounded fish
  36. Response reactions due to the nature of the acoustic signals and physiological condition of fishes
  37. Classification of sounds of fishes
  38. Features of acoustic signaling of fishes
  39. Some common features of similar animals expressing feelings
  40. Flocks of fishes and their internal structure
  41. Acoustic orientation hypothesis of fishes during migration
  42. Practical questions of bioacoustics of fishes
  43. About possibility of noise direction finding of fishes
  44. Some questions of bionic
  45. The sounds of fishes – as landmarks and interference in the technique marine navigation
  46. Noise Immunity of some signals of fishes
  47. Question of acoustical locating of fishes
  48. Reaction of fishes on the sounds
  49. Influence of sound on behavior of fishes
  50. Practical methods of attracting and repelling of fishes
  51. Some conclusions about the biological basis of imitation of fishes signals

Протасов В.Р. Биоакустика рыб. – М.: Наука, 1965. – 208 с.