History of discovery and researches of Europe


  1. Foreword
  2. Ancient discoverers of Europe
  3. Ancient Greek “great colonization”
  4. Pytheas and the opening of Britain
  5. Discovery and study of the inner regions of Western Europe in the III – II centuries BC
  6. Gallic campaigns of Julius Caesar in 58-56 years BC
  7. Campaigns of Caesar in Germany and Britain
  8. Trekking to the “shaggy” Gallia in 52 BC
  9. Progress in the discovery and study of Britain in the I-III centuries AC
  10. Opening by Romans Central Europe and Jutland
  11. Opening the Danube basin and Carpathian Mountains
  12. Ancient geography and cartography of Europe
  13. Great migration of nations and its historical and geographical implications
  14. Irish researchers of the British Isles and discoverers of the North Atlantic
  15. Ways and opening of the Normans
  16. Arab conquerors, travelers and geographers of VIII – X centuries.
  17. Khazars
  18. Opening by the Russian the inner regions of Eastern Europe in the IX – XII centuries
  19. Opening by the Russian North Europe and North Ural
  20. Campaigns of Germans and Scandinavians to the east
  21. Italian sailors and the Crusaders
  22. Travelers and geographers of XIII – XV centuries
  23. First British and Dutch in Arctic sea
  24. Researchers of Scandinavia and Finland
  25. Stroganoffs and Ermak
  26. Work of Russian and Polish land surveyors
  27. Geography and Cartography of Europe
  28. Exploring the north
  29. Explorers of East Europe
  30. Russian academic expedition
  31. Explorers of Carpathuian and mountain of Germany
  32. Researchers of the Alps
  33. West and South Europe
  34. Discovery and research of Franz Josef Land
  35. Study of the New Land
  36. Spitsbergen
  37. Iceland
  38. Russian North
  39. Ural Mountains
  40. East European Plain
  41. South-East
  42. Scandinavia and Finland
  43. Western and Central Europe
  44. The Balkan Peninsula
  45. Soviet reseachers
  46. Conclusion

Магидович И.П., Магидович В.И. История открытия и исследования Европы. – М.: Мысль, 1970. – 453 с.