Morphogenesis of karst areas


  1. Foreword to russian edition
  2. Introduction
  3. The notion of karst
  4. The term “morphogenesis of karst”
  5. Place of teaching about morphogenesis of karst among Earth Sciences
  6. Statement of the Problem
  7. Carbonate dissolution of limestone
  8. Hydrocarbonate dissolution of limestone
  9. Karst corrosion in non-classical sense
  10. Petrographic differences as a factor of karst erosion
  11. Specific features of limestone
  12. The influence of the crystal structure of limestone and lithospheric structure on karst corrosion
  13. Influence of lithology and structure of limestone on the karst corrosion
  14. Corrosion of dolomite
  15. The dissolution of gypsum and rock salt
  16. Karst corrosion of polymineral rocks
  17. Epeirogenic movement as a factor of karsting
  18. Climatic conditionality of karsting and geomorphological consequences of climatic differences
  19. Karsting in glacial and periglacial geomorphological areas
  20. Karst corrosion in temperate and Mediterranean zones
  21. Karst corrosion in the desert zone
  22. Tropical karsting
  23. Results of influence on the morphology of karst to soil microclimate
  24. Evolution of autogenous and allogeneic karst (the role of differences in erosion of karst denudation)
  25. Features of autogenous karst denudation during its constant local basis
  26. Denudation of autogenous karst by moving its local base
  27. Allogeneic (type B) karst denudation
  28. Influence of relief on karst processes (geomorphology differences of karsting)
  29. Change in karsting by human
  30. Changes of karst denudation caused by disorders of natural vegetation
  31. Change in erosion processes that accompany human intervention in the natural hydrology of karst
  32. Thematic Review of theses put forward in the book

Якуч Л. Морфогенез карстовых областей. – М.: Прогресс, 1979. – 388 с.