Physical-geographical regionalization: Tutorial manual for students


  1. Geographical cover. Its vertical and horizontal differentiation
  2. Landscape studies and physical-geographical regionalization
  3. Inequivalence geocomponent in isolation geocomplexes
  4. Basic types of geocomplexes
  5. Appointment of physical-geographical zoning
  6. Principles of physical-geographical regionalization
  7. Basic methods of allocation geocomplexes
  8. The classification geocomplexes at physical-geographical zoning
  9. Basic laws of physical and geographical differentiation and related systems of taxonomic units physical-geographical zoning
  10. Zoning and zonal system units
  11. Geographical zone
  12. Geographical Area
  13. Geographic subarea
  14. Sectoral and sectoral system of units
  15. Sector
  16. Subsector
  17. Barrier system differentiation and barrier units
  18. Altitudinal zonation system and high-rise units
  19. Complete system of units climatogenic geocomplexes
  20. Differentiation of tectonic origin and tectonic system of units
  21. Subcontinent
  22. Country
  23. Region, district, subdistrict
  24. Landscape differentiation and system landscape units
  25. Three-row and multi-unit system of physical-geographical regionalization
  26. Higher and secondary landscape units
  27. Lower landscape units
  28. About the lower unit of physical-geographical zoning
  29. Other units of the physical-geographical zoning
  30. About allowing the differentiation of human nature territories in their physical-geographical regionalization
  31. Redistricting in textbooks on physical geography of the USSR and physical geography of continents
  32. Textbooks for high school
  33. Textbooks for secondary schools
  34. Names of geocomplexes
  35. Maps of physical-geographical zoning
  36. Structure and content of the text physical-geographical characteristics
  37. Component part of the characteristic
  38. Regional Feature
  39. About some peculiarities of the structure and content of text characteristics in textbooks
  40. About the application of mathematical methods in the physical-geographical zoning
  41. Physical-geographical regionalization and practice questions
  42. Main stages of development problems of physical and geographical regionalization
  43. Literature

Прокаев В.И. Физико-географическое районирование: Учеб. пособие для студентов пед. ин-тов по геогр. спец. - М.: Просвещение. 1983. - 176 с.