The nature of Odessa region. Resources, their rational use and protection


  1. Foreword
  2. General information about Odessa region. A brief history of the study of Odessa region
  3. Features of the geological structure and development of Odessa region
  4. Morphostructure of Odessa region
  5. Morphosculpture of Odessa region
  6. Geomorphological areas of Odessa region
  7. The radiation regime of Odessa region
  8. Atmospheric circulation in Odessa region
  9. Description of the main meteorological processes in Odessa region
  10. Climatic areas of Odessa region
  11. Surface waters of Odessa region and their water regime
  12. Groundwater of Odessa region
  13. Hydrological and hydrochemical characteristics of the waters of the shelf and estuaries of Odessa region
  14. Holocene transgression and its role in the formation of the north-western shores of the Black Sea
  15. Morphology and dynamics of the coast of Odessa region
  16. Landslides of the north-western Black Sea region and landslide control measures in Odessa region
  17. Some conditions for the formation of biocenoses of the sea and estuaries in Odessa region
  18. Physical and geographical zoning of Odessa region
  19. Forest-steppe zone of Odessa region
  20. Steppe zone of Odessa region
  21. Natural complexes and rational use of natural resources of Odessa region
  22. The structure of land resources of Odessa region
  23. Issues of rational use of irrigated lands in Odessa region
  24. The main problems of land protection from erosion in the Odessa region
  25. Agroclimatic resources of Odessa region
  26. Water resources of Odessa region and their protection
  27. Минеральные ресурсы Одесской области
  28. Resources of the coast and shelf of Odessa region. Their protection and use in the national economy
  29. Recreational resources of the sea coast of Odessa region
  30. Protection of flora and fauna of Odessa region
  31. Natural conditions in the Odessa region and the system of rural settlement
  32. Хозяйственная оценка природных условий и ресурсов Одесской области
  33. Literature

Природа Одесской области. Ресурсы, их рациональное использование и охрана / Под ред. Г. И. Швебса, Ю. А. Амброз. – Киев – Одесса: Вища школа, 1979. – 144 с.