№ 480-481

Modern aspects of forest management study in the framework of sustainable forest enhancement concept. Danilova O.M., Sivak V.K., Bilokin’ M.V.

To flesh out the basic approaches to the implementation and development of the ecologically balanced forest management, this article discloses the main directions of forest management study through the modern European tendencies and processes. Considering the essence of the ecologically balanced forest management, modern aspects of its study should embrace all three directions of sustainable […]

Water anthropogenic landscapes of Podilsky polissya. Chyzh O.P.

The water anthropogenic landscapes of Podilsky polissya, which are presented storage pools, ponds, irrigation canals and artificial small ponds are considered in the article. Water anthropogenic landscapes were formed in the process of the economic mastering of the rivers. In their structure rates which are built mainly on the rivers are prevail .On the territory […]

Stages of rural green tourism development in Ukraine. Palamaryuk Maria.

Recently, the sphere of tourism in Ukraine has seen now-thriving rural green tourism. Europe became interested in this kind of tourism more than a century ago. While the term itself is a novelty in our country, the tradition of such recreation goes deep, due to the countryside people hospitality. For a city dweller, rural tourism […]

Modern Agricultural specialization of Agrarian Production in the West-Ukrainian Region. Suhiy P., Zayatchuk M., Tjuftiy A.

The economic reforms in agrarian sphere are to be closely connected with two aspects. First of all it is the transformation of social types of households, and second – the scientifically based specialization of agricultural production of a certain area. It is one of strategic directions of the agrarian reform. The private agrarian households are […]

The tourist-recreation landscape as a hierarchical structure of a taxonomical units and their functional characteristics. Dutchak S.V.

In the article possibility of application of the landscape going is argued to the study of resource basis of development of tourism and recreation. Selection of tourist-recreation landscapes in the separate class of anthropogenic landscapes, is based on the typological category of landscape complexes. A tourist-recreation landscape is examined both environment of tourist-recreation activity – […]

The establawent and development of landscape and landscape-geochimical ecology. Gutsuleak V. N., Olaru L. R.

The sixth decade of the 20-th century was the period the esteblihment of landscape ecology (as well as landscape geochemistry – one of its brovshes) in our country. It deals with the study of geoecosystem, restricted to the landscape complex. There’s a living organism in the centre of all the system (mainly human-oriented). The theoretical […]

Forming and development of tourist business of Kyiv city. Glibovets V.L.

The object of this paper is to present the main features of tourist business in Kyiv city at the beginning of new century. The paper deals with some aspects of tourist infrastructure of Kyiv as the capital of Ukraine such as tourist firms, different hotels, tourist transport, excursion offices and so on. The purpose of […]

The processes of corporatization in Ukrainian aerospace industry in the conditions of globalization. Nagorna M.M.

The article is devoted the processes of creation of ²S in Ukrainian aerospace industry from leading organizations and enterprises – as a corporation. Nowadays formation of aviation industry of Ukraine is realized in arduous conditions, that is why in the article research and publications in current industry is analyzed. In the article probed corporate structure […]

Historical-geography researches and the analysis of an art haritage. Shapovalova O.

Results of the historicalgeography research are proposed to study the cultural landscapes evolution, their “historical reading”, and typology according to the categories adopted by UNESCO. Case study in the historical-geography of the cultural landscapes with an art heritage in Ukraine (Kiev region) is a good example of such approach. There is included an art interpretation […]

Stages of Forming of Present Urban Space of Chernivtsi City. Kolyadinsky P.V.

This abstract observes the main stages of territorial development of Chernivtsi city and gives short characteristics to these stages. Settlements on the territory of Chernivtsi city appeared in the 12th century and till the end of the 18th century Chernivtsi was a small town with a custom point. In the 19th- beginning of the 20th […]

The Dynamics of Settlement Network Formation in Ivano-Frankivsk Region in the XIV-XXІ centuries. Hyshchuk R.

The author considers the issues of formation dynamics of the primitive settlements network and their capaciousness by modern Ivano-Frankivsk Region settlements aggregations during XIV-XXI c. Research resulted in establishing that the majority of primitive settlements among all existing, that is we can talk about the most intensive Prycarpattya settlement processes, was registered in the XIV […]

Development of methodological basics of Human Geography in Ukraine in XX century. Oliynik Y., Shevchuk S.

Methodological basics of the history of Ukrainian Human Geography as a science and its subject and objects have been specified; theoretical basis of Human Geographic source studies have been worked out; research methods have been analyzed; methods of definition, studies and usage of Human Geographic sources have been worked out; methods of studies of schools […]

Ukrainian social-geographical an Idea is in Personalias second half XIX – to beginning of XX age. Kuzyshyn A.

Determine list of the Ukrainian research workers which was engaged in social geography of end XIX – beginning of XX age. Their labours are conceptually outlined from this direction. After persons in the article certainly their payment in development of geography of population and settling apart, geography of way of life, geography of religion. Basic […]

Shvydenko A. J., Scientist and Teacher. Danilova O. M., Boiko I. D., Sivak V. K.

March, 25 2009 saw the 85th anniversary of Anatoliy Yosypovytch Shvydenko, prominent Ukrainian scientist, Doctor of Agriculture, Professor, a full member of the ForestManagementAcademy (Ukraine), an outstanding personality, recognized for his commitment to silviculture in Bukovyna, whose scientific and creative activity was tightly connected with ChernivtsiNationalUniversity. Anatoliy Yosypovytch, theorist and practitioner, was a prominent scholar, […]

Evolution of subject representations of geography: a historical sketch. Topchiev O.G.

Subject of geography has been changing on different stages of its development starting from land description (description of the Earth’s surface) to ‘Earth science’ (‘Erdrknde’ – in German), or study of geographic and landscape sphere of the Earth. The main methodological problem of modern geography – it is rather artificial division of the whole and […]

The theoretical stages of development of studies are about landscapes in Ukraine. Pozachenuk K.A.

Geography, including landscapeology, was developing due to the internal and external processes through a number of stages of scientific development which, having exhausted themselves, were replaced by new ones, thereby creating urge in development of geographical science. We can count seven periods in geography, not including the stage of its formation. The first two periods […]

The Scientific Fundamentals of Local Geographical Studies. Kostritsya M., Kostritsya M.

The article treats the scientific fundamentals of the Ukrainian local geographical studies, its substance, contents and subject–object field. Keywords: local geographical studies, scientific fundamentals, institutalization. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/480_481_002_Kostrica_.pdf]

The evolution of geographical environment and contemporarry geography. Andreychouk V.

The author concentrates on the methodological bases of contemporary geography. According to his point of view, contemporary geography has been experienced an identity crisis. Based on the macroevolutionary conception, the author tries to find out the “comprehensive idea” of geography, identify its object and subject of its research, prove the fundamental character of geography as […]