№ 483

Analytical modeling and GIS technology in hydrochemical studies of freshwater systems. Yamborak R.

This article introduces the use of mathematical modeling methods for performing the automated complex analytic estimation of the results which were collected from the observations of the state monitoring system of the surface water condition on the example of the Podil Dniester area hydrosystem. Key words: nature-resources potential, ecological security, modeling, indicators structure, ecological quality, […]

Geographical aspects of formation and functioning of the banking system of the European Union. Bezuglyi V.

Analyzed the modern integration model of the European banking system, historical features of formation and development. Social geographic description of main macroregions of the European Union concerning development of bank and financial sector has been represented. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/483_020_Bezuglii.pdf]

Natural resources meaning in the formation of the recreation economy of the region. Pushkar B.

Ihe influence of the natural resources and factors over the formation of the recreation economy is analyzed in the article, their meaning for the tourist development is defined. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/483_019_Pushkar.pdf]  

Tendencies of monopolization of world food market. Gostiuk M.T.

The narrow circle of leading companies in the sphere of the gene engineering and pharmaceutical chemistry is used potential of international organizations for monopolization of market. The manifest of goods, technology of their making, order of passing the networks of auctions, is dictated a world market. Actually the alternative names of products and technology hatch […]

Method and algorithms of structurally geographical research of the forests and forest resources of Volinskoy region. Yurovchyk V. G.

Methods and method of research of the forests, forest resources and forestry of the Volinskoy region are in-process given. The proper algorithms of structurally geographical research of the forests and forestry of the Volinskoy region are developed and grounded. Key words: Cartographic model of forested areas, design method, algorithm of structurally geographical research. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/483_017_Yurovchik.pdf]

Historikal-geographical pre-conditions of forming of modern settler network of Carpathians. Mateyashchuk-Lyubkivska L.V.

On the modern demographic situation of Ukraine the «special situations» in the conditions of which were forced by decades to live Ukrainians and other people artificially created in its limits influence substantially. It is golodomori 1921, 1932-1933, 1946 years, which in the center of Europe on eyes the whole civilized world brought the over 10 […]

Historical conditions concept formation «sustainable development» in Ukraine. Lapushnyak M.D., Kolesnik O.V.

In recent years in Ukraine has pozhvavyvsya scientific and practical interest to the problem of studying the issue of sustainable development on the one hand as a concept, but on the other, as a process. But the idea of sustainable development concerns not only the present: it is addressed at the same time as the […]

Analysis of basic elements of land market in Ukraine. Pecheniuk V.O., Makoveyev A.S.

Ukraine’s desire to enter in European Union, puts before it a task- organization of market (including land market) in accordance with the European standards. For this purpose is necessary to use the row of measures, which would provide the land market transparency, democraticness, functioning in interests of landowners and landusers, which is typical for the […]

Building Industry as a Special Discipline and Branch of Economy: Object, Subject and Goals. Burka V.

The essence of object, subject and goals of geography of building industry as an important component of social geography is analyzed. Thorough study of these issues will allow for development of scientific-methodical approaches towards qualitative and quantitative parameters of the level, ways and perspectives of building industry in Ukraine. Building industry as a branch of […]

Dynamics of economic development of Suchava frontier district of Rumania (in terms of market relations). Dumitrash D.H.

The analysis of the socio-economic development of the district (in accordance with general program of Euroregion “Verkhniy Prut”) revealed that the situation is relatively favourable here. The return to the traditional branches of production (timber, pulp and paper, textile, food industry), the production of organic food, the ecologization of the whole industry, the tourism development, […]

The Publicity of the Medieval Castles and Fotresses Use in Ukraine (on the survey conducted in Khmelnytsky region). Anipko N.P., Melnyk O.A., Melnychuk K.V.

The article presents the results of survey in Khmelnytsky region conducted with the purpose to clear up the Medieval castles and fortresses use publicity. The survey was carried out in February, 2009. The answers to 14 questionnaire points were given by 432 respondents in 20 districts of Khmelnytsky region and cities of administrative subordination – […]

A table of contents of heavy metals is in soils of travelling geosystems of Prut-Dnistrovskogo of country between (within the limits of the Chernovickoy area). Hodan G.D.

These researches of maintenance of heavy metliv are resulted in the gruntovom cover of travelling geosistem. Proanalizovani the consequences of influence of heavy metals are possible on the organism of man. Treatment of the got results of chemical analysis of gruntovogo cover of research territory is conducted. It is set that maintenance of heavy metals […]

(Українська) Розвиток мережі пунктів гідрологічних спостережень на території басейнів річок Дністра, Пруту та Сірету в межах Карпат та Передкарпаття. Настюк М.Г.

Rivers have always played a very important role in the economic and public spheres of the state. Territory river basins of the Dniester, Prut and Siret one of most dangerous regions of the Europe. Fleeting floods inflicted considerable harm to a national economy, resulted in considerable destructions, and also wasn’t enable to conduct a timber-rafting. […]

(Українська) Лісові ландшафти як чинник оптимізації екологічної стабільності території (на прикладі адміністративних районів Прут-Дністерського межиріччя). Данілова О.М., Сівак В.К.

The analysis presented in the article is the basis for the conclusion that the main type of anthropogenic load in the Prut-Dniester interfluve is agricultural one, with exception of few rural communities. The estimate of anthropogenic load ratios is the means to classify regions according to the level of land resources anthropogenic transformation. It is […]

Landscape-geochemical analysis of rural geosystems (for example Drachynetskoyi key areas of Bukovina). Tanasiuk M.V.

A landscape-geochemical analysis of rural geosystems (for example Drachynetskoyi key areas of Bukovina), which allows to assess the current ecological state of natural components that determine the dynamics of change and to outline ways to further management. Key words: rural geosistema, environmental condition, landscapes, landscape-geochemical studies, elementary geochemical landscapes. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/483_007_Tanasuk.pdf]

Landscape complexes of the city of Kolomyia. Nevenchenko A., Prysakar V.

There have been studied the landscape complexes of the city Kolomyia. There are presented 5 kinds of landscape areas and 16 landscape low place ravines, among which valley-terrace complexes prevail. Key words: landscape complexes, landscape low place ravine, landscape area, dominant low place ravine, natural components. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/483_006_Nevenchenko_.pdf]

The landscape geoimage of archaeological site “Dykyi Sad” (“Wild Garden”) in Mykolayiv. Kulakov V.V.

The article defines the notion of geoimage based on humanistic and landscape studies. Cognitive valuable features of humanistic resource potential (HRP) of the ancient cultivated landscapes is outlined with geoimage of Cimmerian city within Mykolayiv. The author introduces utilitarian usage of ideal geoimage –i.e. geosimulacre of Akshayna – in socio-cultural dimension. Key words: humanistic potential […]

Structurally-functional organisation of the urbanised territory water streams. Nikolaev A.

The system analysis is even more often used for studying of functioning, self-control, firmness of natural systems. From positions of the system analysis are successfully investigated the drainage-basin geosystems of the urbanised territories. On the basis of studying of its natural and technogenic elements representations of the author about system of water streams of the […]

(Українська) Антропогенні ландшафти Середнього Придністер’я. Крамская Г.І.

A research object is territory of Middle Prydnisterya, the article of study are his anthropogenic landscapes. The purpose of our scientific research is realization of comprehensive and complex estimation of economic assimilation of all landscape complexes of this region. There are carried out the questions of forming history, presented classification, given description of all classes […]

Modern changes of forming conditions and particular characteristics of a spring flood of rivers in Ukraine. Grebin’ V.V.

Using landscape-hydrological method of research the analysis of changes of forming conditions and spring flood of rivers in Ukraine was done. Changes of spring flood terms, values of maximum discharge reduction, characteristic of discharge hydrograph within particular landscape-hydrological provinces during last two decades were determined. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/483_002_Grebin.pdf]