№ 519-520

Analysis of the characteristics of the realization of the mechanism of the state management of the tourism industry (on the example of Ternopil region). Flinta N.

The characteristics of the realization of the mechanism of the state management of the tourism industry in the Ternopil region are investigated. The main legal documents regulating the function of tourism in the region are determined, they are: The Program of the development of tourism in Ternopil region in 2009-2012, Ternopil region development strategy to […]

Problems and prospects of international tourism in the Kharkiv region. Yevtushenko N. A.

The article defines the problems of the sector of international tourism in the Kharkiv region. Analyzed recreational – tourist resources, compiled and analyzed the ability of the Kharkov region and the prospects that will enable the region to become one of the leaders in the tourism industry in Ukraine. Key words: recreation – tourism resources, […]

Landscape mapping of underground cavities with the purpose of the tourist use (on the example of karstovikh caves of Podillya). Khovalko A.B.

A necessity and main principles of realization of the landscape mapping of the spelaean systems is considered. Certainly sequence of creation of main cartographic models: general landscape map, taking of inventory, evaluation and maps of recommendations, that allows effectively to plan and conduct tourist rekreaciynu activity. Key words: spelaean landscape systems, principles of mapping, sequence […]

Future development recreation and tourism activities in the sity and its environs Ilyichevsk. Tsaruk L.O.

Since the transition to city status (1973) passed 37 years. But the history of the city Ilyichevsk on which it is located, the natural factors of this area a mild climate, warm Black Sea with its sandy beaches is of growing interest for its residents and tourists from many countries. Within the city as a […]

Recreational resources as a factor of development of systems of settling by the example of the Precarpathian region. Lytvynchuk Z.

In the paper recreational systems of settling of the Precarpathia are investigated. The main features of influence of availability and structure of the recreational resources of the territory on systems of settling are defined. The principal object of the exploration is the Ivano-Frankivsk region as a promising recreation-tourist area of Ukraine. The forward looking types […]

Investment activity in the branch of population busyness assistance in Ivano-Frankivsk region as stimulus of recreational complex improvement. Levutskuy O.

The modern aspect of unemployment overcoming in Ivano-Frankivsk region is analyzed. The analysis of region interests accomplishes from the point of view of their direction on the providing of industry increasing of material and non-material weal’s, the increasing of economic potential of region, deciding social problems. On the basis of the received conclusions motions concerning […]

Event tourism development as part of ethno-cultural spase. Chornenka N.

The term tourism in the eventual total tourism industry. And highlighted the major areas of business eventual tourism, and the peculiarities of its organization and listed on the main aspects of and prospects for development. Keywords: event tourism, ethno space, tourist image, regional development. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/519_520_039_Chornenka.pdf]  

The impact of tourism on the socio-cultural environment (for example Hutsulshchyna and Kashubs). Chaplinsky, P., Kibych A.

In article reviewed and analyzed the negative changes in socio-cultural environment of Hutsulshchina and Kashubs – most vividly expressed by ethnographic groups in Ukraine and Poland, resulting from tourism development. Tourism activities should be conducted on the principles of ecotourism. Key words: socio-cultural environment, the impact of tourism, Hutsulshchyna, Kashubs, ecotourism. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/519_520_038_Chaplinskii_.pdf]

The Category “Saturation Holiday” In Theoretic Arsenal Of Rlcrealogy And Resort Science. Rutyns’kyi M.

In the article the substantial potential of using category of “saturation holiday in researches of recreation human’s sphere are analized The models of saturation holiday are created. Key words: saturation holiday, self-saturation holiday, package tourism, models of saturation holiday. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/519_520_037_Rutinskii.pdf]

Evaluation of tourist attractiveness western Ukraine in the light of international tourist surf. Kuzyshyn A.V., Marynyak I.A.

The valye tourist attractiveness Western Ukraine in light of International Tourist Arrivals. The article justified the territorial limits of West Ukraine tourist region, identified factors that are selected for its selection. A vast statistical characteristics of international tourist arrivals to the region. Information provided in terms of provincial regions, the West Ukraine region in general. […]

Problems of the recreational-tourist use of natural resources in the nature protected areas boundaries. Petryna N.

The problems of recreation and tourism in the nature protected areas are examined. In particular are examined: 1) the problems, connected with the possibilities of the involvement of nature protected areas in the recreational-tourist sphere, and 2) the problems of the influence of recreation and tourism on the natural complexes. Key words: recreational-tourist use of […]

Ivano-Frankivsk as an outpost of recreational occupation of Ukrainian Carpathians. Giletskyy J.R., Zakutynska I.I.

Tourist and recreational field is a strategic direction in the development of the touristic infrastructure within the suburban zone of Ivano-Frankivsk. Objectively,the investigated region has all perspectives for the development of tourism; in particular, it is facilitated by the peculiarities of geographical pasition and relief, favourable climate, natural, historical and cultural, touristic and recreational potential […]

To the question of economic value of Natural recreation-tourist resources. Kuzyk S. P.

The article discusses the methods of valuation of natural recreation potencial, rent conception, of economic valuation of natural recreation resources, and new approaches to economic valuation of touristic resources in market economy, different methods of valuation. Key words: economic valuation, natural resources, recreation-tourist resources, rent valuation, methods of valuation. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/519_520_033_Kuzik.pdf]  

The aspects of business tourism development in Transcarpathian region. Habchak N. F.

The peculiarities of business tourism development in Transcarpathian region were analysed.The main components of the business system were singled out and the prospects of its future development were defined. The complete package of conference services was examined and the tourist objects to carry it out within the investigated territory were singled out. Key words: business […]

Recreation and landscape arrangement of water landscape and engineering systems of Right bank Foreststeppe zone of Ukraine. Gamaliy I.P.

The recreation and landscape arrangement of water landscape and engineering systems (WLES) of Right bank Forest-steppe zone of Ukraine as one of the basic directions of their ecological optimization is considered. The basic principles of recreation and landscape arrangement of WLES at the rivers Pivdennyy Bug, Ross and Dniester basins are developed. The previous experience […]

Using of fuzzy logic techniques to determine the spatial distribution of recreational attractiveness of the area. Bryzhak P.M., Vyklyuk Ya.I., Artyomenko O.I.

In this article the model for calculation of the seasonal recreation attractiveness index is offered for administrative-territorial units. Created algorithm allows to define regions, that are perspective for development of tourist business, and to forecast the level of financial receipts from tourist enterprises for a year. Key words: fuzzy logic, recreation attractiveness, algorithm. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/519_520_030_Brijak_.pdf]

Logistical management of recreational-turistical resources in context of sustainable tourism:Ukrainian experience. Smyrnov I.G., Syrovets S.Y.

Shown problem of touristic resonrses’ logistical management with the connection of logistical model of «sustainable tourism». Analyzed questions of safe touristic loading and touristic flows regulation in touristic destination and proposed corresponding methodics on examples of sea recreation and cognitive tourism in big cities. Key words: logistical potential, touristic density, touristic pressure on recreational resources. […]

Methodological approaches to determining the impact of recreational wildlife on the state of environment. Kilinska K.

Methodological approaches to determining the impact of recreational wildlife on the state of environment [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/519_520_028_Kilinska.pdf]

Investment component of the perspective development in recreation and tourist complexes Ivano-Frankivsk regions. Pavlyuk S.

The article analyzes the location investments of tourism development in the region. On the modern stage tourist industry can not exist without three â constituents: innovations, investments and information field. As known introduction of promising investment policy and actually the process of investing today acquire the important motive factor of development in the region. Key […]

The preconditions of the effective recreational organization in the context of recreation diversity. Skutar T.

In the article the functional and territorial diversity of recreation and recreation diversity of the territory are analyzed. Key words: recreation, recreation diversity, recreation estimation, recreation environment. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/519_520_026_Skutar.pdf]