№ 519-520

Resource-provision, as a factor of investment attractiveness in tourist-recreational complex in the region (Chernivtsi region). Kostashchuk V. I.

The influence of recreational resources on investment attraction for development of touristrecreational complex of the region is highlighted, the territorial differences in resource-provision are analyzed and the fundamental directions of investments for tourism and recreation development in Chernivtsi region are defined in the article. Key words: tourist-recreational complex, recreational resources, investments. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/519_520_025_Kostaschuk.pdf]

A survey on the state and the possibilities of Bulgarian SPA Tourism. Kicheva-Kirova M.

SPA Tourism is traditional and inseparable part from the aspects that represent Bulgaria as a touristic destination. There are only few countries in Europe that can compete with Bulgaria for its abundance and variety of thermo mineral springs with different physical and chemical content and mud-curing raw materials. Both the geographical location of the country […]

Safety in tourism as a determinant of the modern tourism development. Pazhyh K.

The article deals with the problem of safety in tourism as a stimulator for tourism development in coastal areas. The subject of research are the safety issues in different segments of the tourism management: accommodation base, gastronomic base, a communication infrastructure and sector of additional services, such as services of the guide. Key words: tourism, […]

Customs maps in the international marketing of tourism activity. Gorb K., Duk N.

The article is devoted to the use of customs maps as a marketing tool in the activities of tourism enterprises and institutions. Identified subjects and objects of international marketing of tourism activity (IMTA); customs maps were grouped by the most important indicators for use in IMTA. Key words: maps of customs related, international marketing of […]

Methods of estimation sakral’no-tourist resources in the region (for example Chernivtci region). Kostaschuk I.

In the scientific article abolitions are examined in material well-being sakral’no-tourist objects of areas of Ukraine. A method is offered them ball estimation. On the example of monasteries of the Tchernivtsi area their estimation is conducted in marks. The method of estimation is offered total sakral’no-tourist to potential of administrative-territorial units. Key words: sakral’no-tourist object, […]

The relief relicts forms as recreation-touristic objects of the Shatsk’s National Park. Zalesky I., Dubis L.

The stages of the new relief formations and genetic types of relief forms had been analyzed by using reference and self-implemented observation of geological and geomorphologycal structure of the Shatsk’s National Park. These genetic types of relief forms inform about relief development history and nature of the research area. The main typical genetic relief’s forms […]

Cruise tourism in ukrainian Black sea region. Molodetskiy А.E., Verstiuk S. U.

Cruise Tourism in the Ukrainian Black. Sea region is one of the directions of development of the region, which is able to increase its economic potential and the level of employment of population. In connection with the loss of its own passenger fleet Ukraine have to rely on foreign cruise companies. Here it is necessary […]

About peculiarity of temperoral variability of radiation coefficient of aridity on the different lots of of Karkinit cost during modern warming of climate. Anan’eva Y.

Peculiarities of modern dynamics of radiation coefficient of aridity that characterize territories landscape districts of south steppe subzone of Ukraine that situated on the Karkinit coast are learned on this article. Key words: radiation coefficient of aridity, south steppe subzone, Delone’s method of triangulation, annual sum of atmospheric precipitation. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/519_520_018_Ananieva.pdf]  

The tourism of hunting’s development in the Chernivtsy Region. Yachnuk M.

The tourism of hunting, as you now, is one of the most dynamic and effective branches of the economy in many countries in the world. The tourism or hunting has distinguishing among a lot of tourism’s forms recently. The question is in the development and status of the hunting’s tour on the territory of Chernivtsy […]

Recreation and tourist activity as a tool for development of mountain areas Carpathians. Yavkin V.G., Deputat M.M.

The modern state of recreation and tourism activity of mountain territories of Carpathians is analysed in the article. Influence of mountain-skier and rural tourism is rotined, on the standard of living of inhabitants of mountain settlements. It will be that development of recreation and tourism activity in Carpathians is extraordinarily perspective and economic expedient. Key […]

The develop of tourism and recreation economy in Gusiatin-Sataniv recreation region. Horun M.V.

This article is about nature, historic and culture recreation objects of Gusiatin-Sataniv recreation region, their using in peoples rest and making healthier. Key words: recreation, tourism, recreation objects, recreation resources, recreation region. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/519_520_015_Gorun.pdf]    

Festival tourism in the system of recreational-touristic activities. Hrytsku-Andriesh J., Buchko Z.

There are festivals as a form of recreation and leisure at the tourist market. In this article examined the concept of festival tourism, liaison of festival tourism with other types of tourism. The authors distinguish seven main features of the festival tourism, showed its connection with various types of tourism; considered the whole set of […]

Nature Reserve Fund of Bukovina as a tool to improve the environmental situation in the Chernivtsi region. Lisovska A.G., Belokon M.V.

The article analyzes the natural reserve fund in Chernivtsi region describes the dynamic of protected areas. Key words: the nature protection fund, the nature protection territories, the Red Book of Ukraine. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/519_520_013_Lisovska_.pdf]  

The rural tourism contemporary status and prospects for its development in the Kirovohrad region. Semeniuk L. L., Zarubina A. V.

The world sees rural tourism as an alternative activity to agriculture if to consider the the level of profit. Rural tourism can stimulate a number of the economy branches in both direct and indirect ways and provide some new jobs creation. So, rural tourism is of immediate interest to such a problem-ridden (depressive) region as […]

Application to the study questionnaire Recreation and tourist environment (for example locks Lviv). Bozhuk T.I.

The article deals with the issue of perception tourist palace complexes and results of a three castles located in Lviv region. To this end, developed a form questionnaire covered 15 questions (4 – needed to answer “yes” or “no”, 3 – characterized respondents personal characteristics (gender, age and type of emotional perception of the landscape), […]

Singificance and perspectives of ecological tourism in recreational forest management in the chernivtsi oblast. Danilova O.M., Bilokon M.V.

Àcknowledging the criteria of stable development of recreational and tourist complex – environmental, economic and socio-cultural, the necessity of ecotourism development as the most promising trend of the recreationaltourist forest managemnt is substantiated, the modern approaches to its essence, forms and types are analysed. Functionterritorial structure of environment reserve fund sites (ERFS) in the Chernivtsi […]

Development of water tourism in the western region of Ukraine. Hamkalo М., Bordun O.

Natural and recreational potential of the western region of Ukraine in terms of water tourism are analized. The objects of water tourism and peculiarities of their use are determined. The structural features of particular means of water transportation are discussed. Key words: boating, river, boats, rafting. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/519_520_009_Gamkalo_.pdf]  

General bases the estimation of water resources with the purpose of their touristrecreational use. Andrusyak N.S., Morozova T.V.

In the article, going is generalized near the estimation of water recreational resources. The high-quality is described, and quantitative, economic and ecological estimations, as one of well-known in practice of research of touristrecreational resources. Key words: recreational resources, quantitative, economic and ecological estimations. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/519_520_008_Andrusyak_.pdf]

The ethnic variety of settlements of natural regions of Prycarpattya. Krul’ V., Hyshchuk R.

During scientific research the author found out that during thousand of years (early paleolith – XXIc.) the largest retrospective ethnic load was experienced by the settlements of Prycarpattya located along Dniester, Nadvirna Bystrytzya and Prut rivers from broadleaved forests zone up to the Pre-Carpathian region. Key words: ethnic variety, natural regions, language factors [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/519_520_007_Krul_.pdf]

The Recreation-Tourist Nature Management in the district of the Svityaz lake and adjoining to him territories. Molchak J.A., Kowalchuk W.W., Fesyuk W.A.

In the article there is the question about the features of the modern state of the use of natural resources of district of lakeSvityaz in the conditions of intensive recreation loading. Basic ways for the improvement of situation are offered. Key words: recreation-tourist nature management, natural recreation resources. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/519_520_006_Molchak_.pdf]