№ 519-520

The Recreational-Tourist Resources Of Chernivtsi Region. Kilins’ka K., Gribyuk S., Kishchuk Z.

In the article recreational-tourist potential of Chernivtsi region are analyzed, the components (nature, social and cultural, historical and architectural) of recreational-tourist potential of administrative regions, modern features of social infrastructure of Chernivtsi region. Key words: recreational-tourist resources, recreational-tourist potential [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/519_520_005_Kilinska_.pdf]  

Developpment of tourism of ethnos (for example Lemkivshchuna’s processes of migration in the middle of XX century). Oleksiychuk T.V., Petryk N.A.

The distinguishing of tourism of ethnos force to zealous exploration and investigation of reasons of appearance this term, what, as a matter of fact, are processes of migration. They are forming the most important value for modern life now, because they had stipulated for appearance Lemkivshchuna’s ethnoterritorial problems: the disposition on the terittory in three […]

The role of Scientific-regional centers of Ukraine in the development of recreational-touristic practice in 20s- 30s of XX century. Kokus V.

On the basis of literary sources we have analyzed in the article the contribution of scientific-regional centers of Ukraine into the development of recreational-touristic practice in 20s-30s of XX century. We have proved the necessity to carry out the retrospective analysis of peculiarities as to the formation and development of recreationaltouristic activity in Ukraine. We […]

Historical and geographical analysis of Dnepropetrovsk garden forming. Trotsenko A.

Historical and geographical analysis of Dnepropetrovsk garden forming is carried out. Periods and main lines and laws are definite. The lost parks are revealed. Current state of park zone are definite. Ways of improvement of a modern “green” zone condition of Dnepropetrovsk are planned. Key words: recreational wildlife management, historical and geographical analysis, park zone […]

German sanatorium-resort in Ekaterinoslav province in the beginning of ХХ centuries. Afanasiev O.Y.

The analysis of advertisements in the beginning of ÕÕ century has revealed one of the recreational establishments very first in Southeast Ukraine – sanatorium «Alexanderbad» based by the Germans-mennonits of G. Nibur. Preconditions of occurrence of sanatorium are considered, a resource recreational basis, value of establishment for the further development of recreational institutions in region […]