In the paper recreational systems of settling of the Precarpathia are investigated. The main features of influence of availability and structure of the recreational resources of the territory on systems of settling are defined. The principal object of the exploration is the Ivano-Frankivsk region as a promising recreation-tourist area of Ukraine. The forward looking types of recreational-tourist activities are marked out. The nature of influence of localization and level of developing of the recreational resources on the development of recreational systems of settling is outlined. Becoming of recreation and tourism an important sector of the national economy contributes to extend the research of the recreational potential of the regions. As long as recreational resources are at the same time both a necessary precondition for organization of the recreational activity on some territory and an obligatory component of any territorial recreational system, investigation of natural, historical-cultural and social-economic constituent of recreational resources becomes especially relevant. Special conditions for the development of recreational systems of settling of the Ivano-Frankivsk region produces its situation in three different landscape zones and so differences in structure and localisation of the recreational resources of separate territories inside the region.

Key words: recreational resources, systems of settling, level of recreational development of the territory



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