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Planning structure of automobile transport network of Chernivtsi city. Kolyadinsky P.V.

In this abstract author gives characteristics to the important element of city’s transport – automobile transport network of the city. Also the recommendations for the improvement of its planning structure are given. The strategic direction or its development is the final forming of radial-ring scheme of automobile transport network in Chernivtsi. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/024_527_Kolyadinsky.pdf]

The methodical aspects of geographical and local lore researches of settling processes of the historicalgeographical region. Krul’ G.Ya.

The basic methodical principles of geographical and local lore researches of settling processes of historical-geographical region are considered in article. The main methods of geographical study of local lore are allocated. To definition of time frameworks of carrying out of geographical and local lore researches of processes of settling on an example of separate historical-geographical […]

Structure, functions and basic factors of forming of agro-industrial market. Sukhyj P.O.

Approaches of home are considered for foreign economists-agrarians and economic-geographers to the questions of research of agro-industrial markets. Maintenance of notion is exposed agro-industrial market, under which the system of economic relations is understood between the subjects of market in the sphere of appeal of agricultural and food commodities, factors of agrarian production and services; […]

Ascertainment of the Territory Geographical Center of and Assessment of Transport-Geographical Disposition in the Chernivtsi Region Administrative Centers. V.O. Dzhaman, M.D. Zayachuk, O.G. Zayachuk.

Geographical center of the territory is among the fundamental concepts of geographical science, whose scientific research presupposes that the objects are considered according to their dispositions, spatial relations and interactions, spatial order and organization. The concept of geo-space in the sense of ascertainment of geographical disposition of the object and of the analysis of its […]

The modern dimension of natural resource potential of physical-geographical regions of Ukraine. Rudenko S.

The results of ecological and economic assessment of natural resource potential regions of the new (2003) scheme of physical geographical zoning of Ukraine in the prices 2004-2008 years. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/020_527_Rudenko.pdf]

Economic evaluation of lands inhabited localities on the basis of landscape. Gutsuleak V.N., Dumitrash D.G., Olaru L.R., Nevenchenko A.I.

The article dwells upon the issues of economic evaluation of lands inhabited localities on the basis of landscape-cadastral approach. The principles of differentiation of the main taxonomic units are substantiated: economicplanning area – evaluation block or estate – ground area. During the evaluation process the characteristics of natural factors (lithogenic, hydrothermal, biogenic) as well as […]

Parametrical peculiarities of features of formation and existence of northern settlements in Bessarabia (till 1500 year). Grigorieva G.V.

For 133 current and 3 former settlements of Northern Bessarabia was identified 14 phases (from early Stone Age to 1500y. BC) of their formation and existence. There were offered 7 indexes (ratios) of phases parameterization: the significance from minimum settlements to modern settlements, settlements for the minimum weight of primitive settlements, the concentration of the […]

Peculiarities of formation and settlement of Ukrainian ethnoses in Carpatian regions. Burka V.J, Melnyk V.S.

Historic geographical preconditions of formation and settlement of Ukrainian ethnoses on the territory of the Carpathians and Prykarpattya. The most numerous groups that formed on the territory of Ukrainian state in the Carpathian region are lemky, hutsuls and boyky. This article analyzes peculiarities of social processes of said ethnoses and the influence of historic events […]

Development of tourist cartography in Ukraine. Bozhuk T.

The paper surveys the actual issues of the development dynamics and the state of the art of cartographic products, which are used for the organization and popularization of recreation-tourist activities. The analysis of the published cartographic products is made on the example of the SSPE “Kartografiya”, Institute of the Advanced Technologies, and the Scientific-Production Company […]

Time features of settling of the West Ukrainian regions by German colonists. Bryk S.

The history of settling of the West Ukrainian regions by German settlers is considered. The periods of settling of territory of the Western Ukraine by German colonists are allocated. Ethnographic researches in the West Ukrainian region of different scientists are analysed. Time frameworks of occurrence of German colonists on territories of the Western Ukraine are […]

Features of organization of the use of land of national natural park “Viznickij” Chernivtsi area. Ranskij M.P., Nesviachena I.Y.

In the offered research the exposed features of the modern going are near determination of limits of objects naturally commandment to the fund in obedience to the requirements of the State landed cadastre of Ukraine. The offered variants of expansion of area of territory of NNP «Vizhnickiy» are on a prospect. Specified on the feature […]

Origin of the names of settlements of Ivanichivskogo of district of the Volhynia area. Koval’chuk I.

The analysis of regional origin of the names of settlements of Ivanichivskogo of district is considered in the article. Also conducted research them historical date of education. On the basis of these descriptions the offered dividing of settlements of district is into ten groups. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/013_527_Kovalchuk.pdf]

Modern structuring of rural activities in agrarian relations. Grekov S.

Reforming agriculture policy resulted in the development of agriculture of new socio-economic processes and phenomena, one of which is deepening its riznoukladnosti. In turn, process, depth and effectiveness of socio-economic development riznoukladnosti become the factors affecting the problems of agrarian sector of economy. Key words: riznoukladnist, ukladotvorennya, subuklady (piduklady), agro-formations, agrofood system. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/012_527_Grecov.pdf]

Spatial and time features traffic and its effect on unsafe concentrations of toxic pollutants in the atmosphere of the city of Chernivtsi. Krasovska O.

The purpose of this study lies in determining the dynamics of traffic vehicles in Chernovtsy, identifying the daily, weekly and seasonal cycles of movement. Determining whether excess bandwidth capabilities of the boundary lines. An algorithm for calculating the air quality in the surface layer of the atmosphere of the city on the basis of the […]

Historical data analysis of hydrometric observations on the Prut river within the city of Chernivtsi. Nastyuk M., Ivanova N., Rybak L.

Historical analysis of hydrometric observations on the river Prut allowed to process a number of issues related primarily to the formation of series of observations, the study of catastrophic floods on the river Prut, as well as river – bed process analysis hydrological processes within the post for the last 80 years. The study made […]

Theoretic basic of geochemical model construct. Jozwiak K.

In order to obtain the most realistic outcome in geochemical modeling, a few basic assumptions described above in the article should be obeyed. The simplified representation (description) of actual hydrogeological system (as a set of working hypotheses and assumptions which could be verified on the basis of an existing data) must be a starting point […]

The ecological and geographical consequences of modern nature management (following the example of Carpathian and Podilsk region). Kilinska. K.

In the article the toxic waste pollution of the environment and the pollution sources (following the example of the hazardous substance emissions to the atmosphere) are considered. The toxic waste classes are defined and the expediency of ecological fee for the nature management improvement are analyzed. Key words: air pollutions, air toxicants; pollution of toxicants; […]

The dynamics and the territorial division of the nitrate concentration in the ground waters of Chernivtsi. Gavryliuk A., Nakonechnyj K., Khrykova L.

This article is dedicated to the problems of the nitrates content in the ground waters research in urban areas. The research has been made with conducted consideration of landscape features, man-made features and the degree of importance as an alternative source of water supply. Sampling time has been determined taking into account the following principles: […]

The importance of geographical monitoring and management. Sabo H.- M.

The need for a good management of goods and places, made the man from the very first moment of his organization to act also as a manager. Geographical management comprises the so-called problems, responsibilities, organisms and factors so that a broad generalization about it becomes difficult. “Geographical management must be regarded as a need of […]

Studies regarding environmental education. Sabo H.- M.

Studies regarding Environmental Education. In this article are presented researches resulted from a case study, about students and citizens who are interested in general on environmental education. It was applied a standard questionnaire, with 11 questions that we have developed with the second year students at Tourism, from Sighet, Bistrita and Zalau. We applied the […]