For 133 current and 3 former settlements of Northern Bessarabia was identified 14 phases (from early Stone Age to 1500y. BC) of their formation and existence. There were offered 7 indexes (ratios) of phases parameterization: the significance from minimum settlements to modern settlements, settlements for the minimum weight of primitive settlements, the concentration of the population, the equilibrium of the primitive population, the satiety of the primitive settlements in the phase’s localities, the satiety of the primitive settlements in the middle of the localities of the modern towns, the significance of the historical center’s settlement. With the help of the rating analysis there were revealed various phases of the settlement intensity: from very intense to very low .The most intensive settlement was observed during the Late Paleolithic (Phase III). The least settlement lived in the early Paleolithic (Phase I).

Key words: Northern Bessarabia, settlement, phases of formation and existence, the intensity of the population.


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