№ 587-588

On the question of development of methodological bases of environmental and monetary valuation of land settlements (for example Prykarpattya) Nyevyenchenko A.

We consider some questions of environmental and cash methods (normative) evaluation of land urbanized landscapes (for example Kolomiyskogo Prykarpattya). Key words: ecological status of landscapes, the cost of land, monetary valuation of land. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/038_203_205_Nevenchenko.pdf]

To the question about hystoric-geographic (genetic) approach in social-geographical researches (short review of literature) Yavorskaya V.V.

The question of long-known, but in a certain period of time partly “forgotten” approach to socialgeographical research, specifically, genetic, historical-geographical approach are considered. The article focuses on the need to strengthen it the present time the socio-geographical researches in terms of genetic and historical-geographical approach. Key words: historical-geographical approach, historical approach, historical-genetic approach, geographic approach, […]

Index of development of human potential, as a basic index of welfare of population of the Vinnytsya area Zablotovska N., Alekseeva T.

In the article research of Index of development of human potential is conducted for the Vinnytsya area on the whole and it administrative districts. Grouping of them is offered taking into account the value of Index of development of human potential and basic indexes, that he is formed (a level of average monthly ettlings, level […]

Geoecological aspects of functioning wood industry enterprises in Chernivtsi region Danilova O.M., Hudikovska V.A.

The article focuses on the need to study environmental aspects of the wood industry, especially at regional and local levels, where their influence is crucial. Mentioned problems are topical for Chernivtsi region in which wood industry is one of the area of specialization in economic complex. Characterized the sources of air pollutant substances and it’s […]

Geographical features of the political culture of the population Podolsky economic region in the context of the recent presidential elections in 2010. Grekov S., Gerenchuk M.

We consider the territory of Podolsk economic region electoral interest of the population as a result of the recent electoral processes. We study the social and geographical aspects of political behavior of the population as a component of the political sphere of society. Key words: electorates, electoral geography, political culture, political behavior. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/034_184_187_Grekov_Gerenchuk.pdf]

Historical features of development of the geography of tourismI. Shyvala.

The article defined the features of the geography of tourism at different stages of its formation. Analyzed researches on the geography of tourism Ukrainian and foreign scientists. Described the main activities of Ukrainian schools in the field of geography of tourism. Considered a list of major works of scientists, geographers working in these schools. Identified […]

Recreational-tourist destination for medical treatment and recovery (the case of Lviv Oblast resorts) Bozhuk T.I.

Recreationtourist areas used for medical recovery are studied on the basis of a novelty approach. The model is proposed for the recreational-tourist destination for medical treatment and recovery. The case of Lviv Oblast resorts is used to analyze the needs of recreants, resort attractiveness, their resource and infrastructure provisions, possibility of additional recreationtourist services. Key […]

Promising potential of faunal resources of Chernivtsi region M.O.Yachnyuk.

Component structure of the faunal capacity of Chernivtsi region is characterized by significant differences between the actual and future potential. In the actual potential in the first place go honey resources (56.9%), which substantially prevail in almost all districts of Chernivtsi region, second place is occupied by fish (41.6%), the third Hunting Resources (1.5%).In the […]

Structure and expert money estimation of earths of water fund of Chernivci city P.O. Suchyj, M.-T. Atamanjyk.

In the article the modern structure of earths of water fund of city is considered Tchernivtsi. Classification of ponds is carried out on an area, users and patterns of ownership. The methodical going is considered near the leadthrough of expert money estimation of lot lands. The market value of sale of right for the lease […]

Current status, problems and prospects for conservation and use of historical and cultural tourism resources of Chernovtsy region Kilinska K., Zablotovska A.

The state of historical and cultural heritage of Chernovtsy region is reflected in the paper. The basic problems of protection, preservation and use of historical and cultural monuments are exposed and also proposed strategic directions of it’s decision. Key words: historical and cultural resources, guard, use, preservation, strategic directions. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/029_155_158_Kilinska_Zablotovska.pdf]

Intellectual potential of the region as a subject of social and geographical research Naumchuk O.M.

The nature of intellectual potential has been analyzed. The structure and forming factors of intellectual potential. The intellectual potential management schemes (mechanisms) have been suggested. Key words: intellectual potential, innovation, education, science, transformation. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/028_152_154_Naumchuk.pdf]

Methodical questions of human geographical research of city agglomeration Kostuk I., Lozynskyi R.

In the article methodical questions of human geographical research of city agglomeration are analysed. Essence of concept «agglomeration» are determined, main methods and approaches near research of city agglomeration, quantitative parameters of city agglomeration, method of determination of limits of city agglomeration are described. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/027_146_151_Kostuk_Lozinski.pdf]

The Interstate Population Migrations of the Volyn Region in the Beginning of the ÕÕ² Century. Puhach S.O.

The basic indicators of interstate population migrations of the Volyn region in 2000–2008 are analysed. The territorial regularities of interstate migrations in the section of administrative districts and cities of regional submission are characterised. Interstate migrations are the least part in the migratory stream. Departure of the population for abroad exceeds the entrance twice. The […]

Theoretical and methodological ground of the geographical investigations of the issues of land using D.S. Sopov.

The theoretical and methodological ground of the geographical investigations in the sphere of land using which consists by laws and principles of dialectics, system approach and fundamentals of the up-to-date ecology is formulated. A specter of using all-scientific, interdisciplinary and own geographical methods of investigations of this issue of land using is outlined. It is […]

Research methods of geographical local history development in Ukraine (20s of XX century) Kokus V.V.

The article throws light upon the research method system of geographical local history development in Ukraine. Research methods are means to solve the main task of science — discovery of objective laws of reality. We have analyzed different approaches to the definition of notion “method”. The article examines three groups of methods: philosophical, general scientific […]

Catastrophic high waters as the indicator of modern valley’s morphogenesis Korzhyk V.

From positions of the historicalgeographical and landscape-ecological approaches are examined the natural and social reasons of occurrence of high waters with catastrophic consequences. The numerous historical facts of resonant high waters are resulted. Is proved the necessity of reconsideration of functional properties of the first and basic bottom terrace of river valleys which does not […]

Ecological-geochemical characteristic of territory “Stalnovtsy” Novoselitsa district, Chernivtsi region Prysakar V.B.

The morphological structure of landscapes of valley is considered Twig. It is conducted ekologo-geochemical analysis of territory of separate economies. Key words: landscape complexes, ekologo-geochemical analysis, inflexibility of water. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/021_120_125_Prisakar.pdf]

Features of spatial distribution of channel formation conditions in the upper reaches of the Prut river Yushchenko A.

The question of the spatial distribution of factors of the channel formation within a geomorphic area in the upper Prut River was considered. A division of the investigated basin to subbasins was conducted, characteristics and patterns of influence of geomorphological structures on channel formation were isolated. Considered local factors of the channel formation, their spatial […]

Regionalization the territory of the Eastern part of Bukovinian Peredkarpatia after the possibility of rising emergencies, which are caused by the development landslides Kukurudzyak K.

There are actively developing landslides on the territory of the eastern part of Bukovinian Peredkarpatia. The measures of fighting with them, which take into account regionalization the territory after the possibility of rising emergencies, which are caused by the landslides, are the most expedient. In this regionalization the research territory is lying within one (Carpathian) […]

Trends of climate change at the beginning of XXI century (2000-2010) Kynal O., Vanzurjak A., Kozak G., Semenchuk L.

Peculiarities of seasonal course of air temperature and precipitation regime in Chernivtsi were studied and the trends of their changes were identified. The duration of meteorological summer and precipitationless periods are specified. Peculiarities of the precipitation distribution over time were found. The graphical models, including predictive content, were constructed. Key words: climate, precipitation amounts, variability, […]