№ 612-613

Territorial structure of river valleys. Yushchenko Y.S., Pasichnyk M.D., Chernega P.I.

Analyzed the spatial imagination ofthe main structural elements of the river valleys from the standpoint of geomorphology, landscape, river-bed formation. Specialattention is paid to the bottom of the valleys. A common taxonomic system. Examples of major rivers in Chernivtsi region. Key words: river, river valley, channel, floodplain, river valley landscapes. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/042_612_613_Uschenko_.pdf]

Meteorological peculiarities of forming and posteriority of catastrophic flood in mountain part of the river Prut basin in july 2008. Shuber P., Berezyak V.

The article investigates the dynamics of rainfall and water consumption of the mountain river Prut in 2008. The relationship between precipitation and the formation of water consumption and the emergence of a catastrophic flood of the river Prut in July 2008 is analyzed. It is determined the role of the maximum rainfall amount per day […]

Some morph metrical characteristics of relief of the Bagna Valley (Bukovinian Pre-Carpathians). Tsapok Iryna

Morph metric calculations made after maps of the BagnaValley resulted in the erosion density of 0.75-6 km/km2, and surface inclination of 0-10°. This calculations show some differentiation after mentioned characteristics of the generally flat territory, which could evidence different genesis of morph metrical elements. Key words: morph metrical of the BagnaValley, the erosion density, surface […]

Wetland anthropogenic landscapes of Dnister as transitional ecotones. Khayetsky G.S.

Development of natural rivers Dnister led to active development of wetland anthropogenic landscapes – ecotones, which play an important role in shaping the nature of the region. Wetland ecotones perform buffer function between man-made ponds and adjacent landscapes, a characteristic feature of which is the variability and dynamic development. Key words: ecotone, wetland man-made landscapes, […]

Terminological problem in the studies of avalanche-endangered areas. Tykhanovych Ie., Bilanyuk V.

The main approaches for the delimitation of avalanche natural terrain complex are considered. The new understanding of the terms, which are used in the studies, is proposed. The classification of avalanche natural terrain complex. Key words: natural terrain complex, altitudinal mistsevist, avalanche, avalanche natural terrain complex. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/038_612_613_Tihanovich_.pdf]

Traditional entities in areas Cheremochskoho rivers. Tymofiychuk N.M.

Feature mining Cheremoshskoho Rivers is very difficult natural conditions that significantly affect the socio-economic conditions of mountain dwellers, the nature of nature. Lifestyle determines the peculiarnature of mountaineering, type of employment of local people. Unsuccessful and inefficientmanagement caused the emergence of many environmental and economic problems. The article described the features of traditional management in […]

Assessment of anthropogenic impact on the basin system. Suchij P.O., Skrypnyk Y.P., Berezka I.S.

The investigation determined that there is a clear division in the Siret basin with varying levels of anthropogenic transformation and environmental sustainability is in configuration close to the dividing pool of three topographic parts. Go to the converted (not environmentally stable) area is about 40% of the Siret basin, leading to changes in the nature […]

The Geomorphologic zonning of territory of Kiev for the prognosis of development of landslides processes. Stetsyuk V.V., Harchuk O.V.

The results of the geomorphologic zonning of territory of Kiev and his nearest environs are presented, first turn, under the point of view of possibility of the use for the prognosis of development of landslides processes. The criteria of selection taxons are orography, genesis of upper part of geological profile, relief morphology, differences of plains […]

The physico-geographical specialties of interzonal geoecotone «Forest steppe-Steppe» of the Left-bank ofUkraine. Sytnyk A.

The physico-geographical specialties of interzonal geoecotone «Forest steppe-Steppe» of the Left-bank of Ukraine were examined in the article. The structure and dimensions had been determined. The natural boundaries, conditions, resources and landscapes were examined. Much attention was given to describe the geological structure of the territory. The specialties of the climate and hydrology of the […]

Features of the relief area in the context of tourism and recreational resources of the Transcarpathian region. Symochko A.V.

Analysis of territorial peculiarities of the relief of the Transcarpathian region, the question of its tourist and recreational attraction, shows the relationship in the context of tourism and recreational resources and offered tours of various categorical complexity for further future development of tourism Key words: relief, tourism, recreation, types of tourism, tourist and recreational resources, […]

Fuzzy clustering analysis for landscape mapping. Svidzinska D.V.

 Landscape discretion-continuity determines the high potential of weakly-formalized methods application in landscape mapping. The methodical principles and practical application experience of the fuzzy k-means algorithm for the reflection and analysis of morphodynamic landscape configuration is discussed on this basis. Key words: fuzzy clustering analysis, landscape mapping, fuzzy k-means, morphodynamic microgeochores, SRTM DEM [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/032_612_613_Svidzinska.pdf]  

Natural Anthropogenic Landscapes of the Middle Prydnisteria. Riabokon O.V.

In this article the author contemplates a place and significance of natural anthropogenic landscapes in the structure of modern landscapes, a place of a man in the stimulating processes that leads to formation and development of natural anthropogenic landscapes complexes. The Middle Prydnisteria is taken as a model region for formation and functioning of natural […]

Landscape-architectural Heritage of the town Kolomyia. Proskurniak M., Voloscheniuk H.

This article discovers the peculiarities of the natural-landscape basis of the town Kolomyia and the general features of the historic-cultural heritage of its landscape-architectural complexes. Key words: Landscape-architectural Heritage, Landscapå complexes, Landscape-architectural complexes. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/030_612_613_Proskurnyak_.pdf]

Estimation of antropogenic loading ecological balanced of landscapes of river valley of overhead Pripyat withing the limits of Volyn region. Netrobchuk I.

The coefficients of quantitative and high-quality estimation of the ecological stabilizing of landscape are calculated. Distribution of category of earth is conducted in points on the indexes of the anthropogenic loading on territory. The indexes of degree of tension of landscape and coefficient of the agricultural use of earth are certain. Measures are offered in […]

Rekreaciyni landscapes of Middle Pridnister’ya, their unicity and rational use. Mudrak G. V.

The unique rekreacionnye landscapes of Middle Pridnister’ya are described in the article. The features of natural terms and landscapes, which became basis for forming and functioning of rekreacionnykh anthropogenic complexes, in particlar lechebnogo, health-improvementresting and sporting-cognitive podklasov, are consideret. The features of landscape structure of existent rekreacionnykh complexes of region are consideret on the example […]

Research of anthropogenic changes of landscapes is dominant direction of modern Ukrainian science about a landscape. Mikheli S.

The results of research of progress of science structure trends are reflected about a landscape on the different stages of development of geographical science in Ukraine with application of quantitative methods for providing of objectivity of evaluation process. Keywords: anthropogenic landscapes, anthropogenic changes of landscapes, domestic science, are about a landscape, directions of researches, quantitative […]

Landscape variety of natural reserve “Horgany”. Melnyk A., Holovchak V.

This article is analyzing factors of landscape creation in the natural reserve “Horgany”, presenting materials of landscape field mapping in a landscape map of reserve at the level of high situated localities; also system and results of rating of territorial landscape variety. Key words: landscape; natural territorial complex; landscape variety; Horgany. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/026_612_613_Melnik_.pdf]

Natural territorial complexes of Marmaroshchyna array of Carpathian biosphere reserve and its anthropogenic modifications. Melnyk A., Buchynskiy P.

This article is representing analyzes of geological and geomorphological, hydro-climate and biotic factors of formation of landscape structure of Marmaroshchyna array in Carpathian biosphere reserve. It is shown the position of reserve’s landscape in the system of physic-geographic zoning of Ukrainian Carpathians, particularities of its landscape structure at the level of high situated localities and […]

Characteristics of cultural and historical landsczpe of Prykarpattya (on the example of Horodenkivsky avd Tlumatsky districts the Ivano-Frankivsk region). Krul V.P., Melnichuk K.V.

This article represents the results of the cultural and historical resources research of Horodenkivsky and Tlumatsky districts in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. There is considered their role as components of cultural and historic landscapes. Key words: cultural and historic resources, cultural and historic landscapes, archaeological culture, architectural monuments, the State Register of Monuments. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/024_612_613_Krul_.pdf]

Planned geoparks of Ukrainian Carpathians as a demonstration model of evolution of the Earth. KravchukY., Bogutskiy A., Brusak V., Zin’ko Y., Shevchuk O.

The paper discusses the possibility of setting up geoparks on the territory of Ukrainian Carpathians as a new nature protecting category for geoheritage conservation. The authors suggest creating a number of national geoparks on the basis of existing geological monuments, national nature parks and regional landscape parks, i.e., two geoparks in the Ukrainian Carpathians (“Rocky […]