№ 614-615

Living standards and life quality of population: complex characteristics of a territory social and geographic development. Yakovleva Yu.K.

In the article various approaches are analyzed to determine population living standards and life quality, and factors are established which have the great influence upon them. Official statistical data for the period of independence are used to compare Ukrainian regions in population living standards and their components. Today the population life quality and innovative development […]

The variability of precipitation falling in the Pokutsko-Bukovinian Precarpathians as an indicator of the evolution of landscapes. Yavkin V.G., Savranchuk L.A.

The variability of precipitation falling in the Pokutsko-Bukovinian Precarpathians as an indicator of the evolution of landscapes [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/614_615_030_Yavkin_.pdf]  

Evaluation of transformation of quality of drinking water in the water-supplying system (on the example of Chernivtsi city). Shevchuk Y.F.

The comparative analysis of methods of evaluation and methodological bases of investigation of the quality of surface and drinking water were conducted. Spatial allocation of negative geodynamic processes in the conditions of complicated relief were analyzed, for instance the appearance of anthropogenic earth slides activization as especially dangerous factor of ability of city’s water-supply network […]

Anthropogenization the western sector of the Median landscape belt. Chyzh O.P.

The originality of the nature and the landscapes formed in a zone of contact of two regional landscape borders is considered: the Median (Main) structuralmorphological landscape belt of the East Europe plain which are presented in Ukraine by the Western sector and Predkarpatem. Against landscapes it is allocated two original natural knots: Srednednestrovsky and Kremenetsky. […]

The problem of environmental pollution and geosistems resistance to antropogenic pressing. Tsaryk L., Tsaryk P., Vitenko I.

The sources, types of pollution of the territory of Ternopil region are analyzed, a correlation analysis of the effect of different types of nature to change and transformation of natural processes and environmental components, as well as resistance to Geosystems anthropogenic stress. Key words: pollution, environmental management, the degree of conversion Geosystems, stability, anthropogenic load, […]

Carpathian region in the global climate change context. Holjavchuk D.

Carpathian climate research state analysis is done. The role of natural and anthropogenic forcing in the regional climate change is discussed. The main trends of global, European and Carpathian climate change are described. Annual and seasonal temperature and precipitation variability is investigated. Key words: climate change, reconstruction, annual temperature, warming, carpathian landscape. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/614_615_026_Holyavchuk.pdf]  

Ecological and Geochemical Evaluation of Road Geosystems in Chernivtsi Region. Hodan G.D.

The thesis deals with theoretical and methodological foundations of ecological and geochemical analysis of road geosystems. It analyses the development of road system, its connection with physical and geographical conditions and geochemical peculiarities of landscape in Chernivtsi region. According to field and analytical studies the level of waysides pollution with heavy metals (Pb, Cd, Cu, […]

Changes in the level of environmental danger of point pollution sources, Ukrainian part of the Black-Azov sea coastal waters. Utkina K.B.

Ranking of 10 hot spots (coastal water) was performed on the level of their environmental danger. Obtained results for the year 2009 were compared with results of the year 2007/ Conclusions on the change in the level of environmental danger of 10 hot spots, located on the coastal zone, were made. Key words: point pollution […]

Diseases of the population of Chernivtsi region: description of main diseases and illnesses. Smuk O.

 In the article considered guestions of diseases of the population and detected the main types of diseases, analyzed the social, natural and environmental causes of disease the population of Chernivtsi region. Key words: health, disease, illness, health care, medical staff, disease population for years. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/614_615_023_Smik.pdf]  

Ecological risks of pollution of geosystems in the region of Ukrainian Carpathians and adjacent territories. Prykhodko М.М.

This abstract elucidates the results of spatial expansion of ecological risks of pollution of geosystems and their components that form the environment in the region of Ukrainian Carpathians and adjacent territories. There were analyzed the volumes of emissions and releases of polluting substances into air and superficial water reservoirs and also was characterized the territorial […]

Ecological and geochemical characteristics of lowland landscapes of mountainous areas in Chernivtsi region. Prisakar V.B, Hodan G.D.

Valley landscapes of mountainous areas are different variety of environmental and geochemical characteristics. One of the main factors of the ecological status of a human pressure. Indeed, almost all poselenskie geosystem are in mountain river valleys. Key words: valley landscapes, ecological conditions and geochemical parameters. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/614_615_021_Prisakar_.pdf]

Tropho-geography: modern researches and perspective (results of the dispersive analysis of the natural factor impacts on the chemical composition of plant products). Nekos A. N., Visotska O. V., Porvan A. P., Semybratova P. V.

Modern directions of tropho-geographical researches are defined. Results of dispersive analysis of impact of natural components – landscapes and soils – on the chemical composition and concentration of chemical components in products of vegetable origin are presented in the article. The perspectives of future tropho-geographical researches are discussed in relation to impact of natural and […]

Festival tourism of Transcarpathia: contemporary state and perspectives of its development. Medvid L.I.

The main notions of festival tourism have been defined in the article. The chronology of the festivals in the focus of Transcarpathia administrative districts has been systematized the most attractive festival ceremonies of the region have been determined. The results obtained can be used for the working-aut of model of marketing development of festival tourism. […]

Aspects of medical and geographical research territory of Rivne region. Kushniruk Y. S., Volkova L. A.

Medical and ecological research of Rivne region was carried out. The ways of ecological risk determination based on geo-ecological analysis of the area are examined. The impact of geographical features on human health, as well as regularities of disease spreading depending on geo-ecological and anthropogenic factors is studied. Key words: medical and ecological risk, medico […]

Geology modeling of the natural morphogenic geoecosystem of the Limnytsia sources basin: delineation of spatial skeleton. Kulachkovsky R.

The concept of the natural morphogenic geoecosystem as a geo-spatial model of relations between landforms and other natural landscape components was used in the GIS modelling. A digital elevation model was used to delineate landforms. They were supplemented with the parent rock. Key words: morphogenic geoecosystem, digital elevation mode, macromorphohor, micromorphohor, Carpathians. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/614_615_017_Kulachkovskii.pdf]

Time features of settling of foothill and mountain territories of the West Ukrainian earths by German colonists. Krul’ V., Bryk S.

 The history of settling of foothill and mountain territories of the West Ukrainian regions by German settlers is considered. The periods of settling of foothill and mountain territories of territory of the Western Ukraine by German colonists are allocated. Ethnographic researches in the West Ukrainian region of different scientists are analysed. Time frameworks of occurrence […]

An index of toxicity in the system of monitoring and evaluation of water quality in transboundary rivers. Krainyukov A. N.

The article presents the results of data complication according to evaluation of ecological condition of water bodies basin’s Western Bug, Latoritsa, Uzh by such indexes as component of salt composition of water quality, tropho-saprobiological indicators and specific rates of content chemical substances of toxic and radiation action in the water. Correspondingly results of bioassay it […]

The Role of Medical-Environmental Research in Geoecological Analysis of the Region. Kornus O., Kornus A., Shyschuk V.

The role and place of medical and environmental research in geoecological analysis regions are analyzed. Established that the main task of medical-environmental research in geoecological analysis is to evaluate the risk to public health, due to the influence on it of harmful environmental factors. For example, the analysis of the impact of air pollution on […]

The estimation of representation of the nature reserve territories as bases of functioning of regional econetwork in Cherkassy region. Konyakin S.M.

The article is devoted to estimation of representation of modern of nature reserve fund in the context of functioning of the regional eco-network Cherkassy region. In efficiency of the natural-protected network of region is analyzed by the index of insulyarization. Key words: natural-protected fund, uniqueness of the territory, representation, landscape and biological variety, insularization, regional […]

Geoecological concept of nature as the basis of natural and economic diversity of natural and economic systems. Kilinska K.

In the publication illuminated the main positions geoecological concept of nature as the basis of natural and economic diversity of natural and economic systems, identified the types of influence human impact on the environment. Key words: geoecological concept of nature, natural and economic diversity, environment. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/614_615_012_Kilinska.pdf]