The article presents the results of data complication according to evaluation of ecological condition of water bodies basin’s Western Bug, Latoritsa, Uzh by such indexes as component of salt composition of water quality, tropho-saprobiological indicators and specific rates of content chemical substances of toxic and radiation action in the water. Correspondingly results of bioassay it is defined of the levels of toxicity in water and sediments, which samples were selected in 14 observation points on Western Bug, Latoritsa Uzh, Poltva, the Verke channel. It is experimentally found that 50% of water samples, the presence of toxic properties (their quality) does not stand with the requirements of toxicological index, 48.2% of samples of sediments were acute lethal toxic to test-organisms (tseriodafniy) as demonstrated by accumulation of sediments of specific chemical substances of toxic action.

Key words: ecological condition, component of salt composition, tropho-saprobiological indicators, specific chemical substances of toxic and radiation action, bioassay, acute lethal toxicity, chronic toxicity, the level of toxicity, toxicological index



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