In the article various approaches are analyzed to determine population living standards and life quality, and factors are established which have the great influence upon them. Official statistical data for the period of independence are used to compare Ukrainian regions in population living standards and their components. Today the population life quality and innovative development of society is impossible without free access to and utilization of information computer technologies and resources of the world Internet system by population. The real social life is based on combination of material being and spirituality thus the transition from prevailing of the motive to increase one’s own welfare to the motive of human improvement cannot ignore the influence of religion upon the society development. The author’s category definition is represented with the “life quality of population” where in addition to its already known components there is a proposal to consider opportunities of society innovation development, virtual informational support, and moral ethical norms together with spiritual advance.

Key words: population living standards and life quality, social and geographical development of areas, regions of Ukraine



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