In article the basic prirodno-geographical features, their objective influence on formation of system of rural moving of the population within Rozhnjatovsky area of the Ivano-Frankovsk area where the wide spectrum of flat and mountain landscapes is presented are proved. In article influence of the natural-geographical environment on settling processes, on character of the spatial organization of system of moving, efficiency of functioning and development is analysed. On the basis of the criteria defined in the course of research classification of settlements by placing in certain orograficheski-homogeneous territories, behind a resursno-raw-material base, by kinds of planning and a configuration is carried out ??. Studying and the analysis of a problem of influence of prirodno-geographical features on system of moving of Rozhnjatovsky area will allow to answer on some question among which one of the major is unemployment overcoming in region, attraction of an available labor resource in possible characteristic and traditional for the given territory of kinds of activity.

Key words: agricultural population movings, natural-geographical factors of moving, classification of settlements.



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