№ 633-634

Features valuation techniques recreation and tourism resources of the Middle Prydnisterya. Yasenchuk V., Yavkin V., Morar A.

The article outlines the basic concepts and features of methodology for assessing recreation and tourism resources (RTR) of the Middle Transnistria. The prospects of the use of recreational and tourist potential. These results can later be used to create a single tourist complex within 5 administrative regions of Ukraine. Key words: recreation and tourism resources; […]

To the question of organic farming in the Chernivtsi region. Zayachuk M.

Geographical prerequisites to introduce organic farming in the Chernivtsi Region are considered in the aspect of agro-landscape conditions and present-day specialization of agricultural production. Principles of organic farming are analyzed and specificity of organic agricultural production standardization is outlined. Conclusions and generalizations are made with regard to the potential of organic farming economy development and […]

The control system of tourist and recreational activities. Yachnyuk M.O.

In this article the author examines the system of state and local government tourism and recreational activities. Exposed shortcomings of local tourism management and the ways to solve this problem. Key words: mechanism, regulation, local government, tourism industry, regional policy. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/037_633_634_Yachnyuk.pdf]

Naturally comandmend fund of Tcernivtsi area as perspective of development of ecological tourism. Emchuk T.V., Zablotovskaja N.V.

In the article description is given naturally commandment to the fund of the Tchernivtsi area on the whole and biggest-selling among the tourists of his territories and objects. The territorial features of distribution of objects are considered prirodo-commandment to the fund of different levels. Perspective directions of development of ecological tourism are offered on a […]

Eco-marketing trends in the hotel industry. Danilova O., Pohynaiko I.V.

Studied eco-marketing trends of hotel business. Reveals the basic factors of ecological hotels, environmental and economic benefits of the functioning of eco-hotels. The approaches to the classification of hotels and environmental organizations concerned with eco-certification. Analysis of the problems and prospects of development of eco-hotels in Ukraine. Key words: environmental marketing, eco-hotel, eco-certification, social-ecological hotel, […]

The study of sustainable forest exploitation at the regional level (at the example of Chernivtsi region). Danilova O., Sivak V.

Generalized and supplemented with modern methodological approaches to the analysis of sustainable forest exploitation at the regional level. The results of studies of ecological stabilization, environmental, functions of forest landscapes Chernivtsi region are stated. The basic directions of research productivity stands and importance of social functions of forests in the context of forest recreation and […]

Tourism potential Suceava County of Romania. Dumitrash D., Dumitrash D., Roman M.

The article presents an analysis of the touristic resources of the Suceava district of Romania. The main anthropological and natural resources, capitalized by the touristic industry, are identified and their particularities are studied. The given research carries a considerable interest for the potential investors by proposing a possible mitigation of the seasonality risk, characteristic for […]

Prospects of Etnofestival tourism in the Lviv region. Topornicka M.

Systematized geographical and socio-economic development prospects of etnofestivals Lviv region, revealed the problems and peculiarities of etnofestival tourism in the region. It offers specific recommendations for future development and promoting of festival tourism in Lviv region. Key words: ethnic tourism, ethnic festival, ethnofestival tourism, festivals classification, geography of ethnofestival tourism. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/032_633_634_Topornicka.pdf]

Historical and Geographical features of the formation and development Yaremchanski-Vorohtynskoyi recreational system in the late nineteenth – early twentieth century. Rutinsky M.

Considered natural-resource conditions, historical and geographical features of the territorial organization Yaremchanski-Vorohtynskoyi TRS late nineteenth – early twentieth century. The features of the formation of its health-recreational specialization. Key words: territorial recreation system, historical and geographical features, health and recreational specialization. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/031_633_634_Rutinsky.pdf]

The tourism resource capacity of the urban villageYasiniya in Zakarpattya region. Monastyrskyy V.

The features of tourism development at the local level in a particular urban village and its neighborhood are established. The list of the most important works of the researches of tourism resource capacity of areas has been presented. The capacity of tourism resources of Yasinya has been analized. Yasinya is an urban village located in […]

The influence of forest on hydrological regime of the year (for example, the Dniester basin). Melnik A.A.

Analyzed the long-term average runoff modules maksimalnorichni water flow in the catchment basin of the Dniester with different indices of forest cover and similar hydrometeorological characteristics. The influence of forest cover on steep slope runoff given the magnitude of the slope, the type of forest and soil type. Key words: correlation, woody, perennial average runoff […]

Settlements as an objective ground of formation of the services spatial system. Malska M.

Revealed that the basis for the formation of socio-spatial system (CCS) is the interaction of labor, industrial, social and cultural ties, the target activities of organizations (firms, institutions, etc.), their joint participation in dealing with certain socio-economic problems of the territory. Resettlement provides contacts of people geographically-temporal availability of items, services, combining labor with jobs, […]

Ecological and economic aspects of mineral resources (on the example of the Chernivtsi region). Kostashuk V.

In the work disclosed the major trends changes in ecological condition territory of the administrative districts of Chernivtsi region from the use of mineral resources. It was propose indicators that reflect the ecological and economic aspects of MSR. Key words: mineral resources, environment, index of environmental efficiency, natural factors, anthropogenic factors. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/027_633_634_Kostaschuk.pdf]

To the question of establishment of educative pedagogic districts in the Chernivtsi region. Zayachuk O.

Organization of the activity of educative-pedagogic districts in Ukraine aims at provision of qualitative education in the countryside. The main target for the subjects of educative-pedagogic districts lies in securing of corresponding age children’s equal access to qualitative pre-school, secondary and post-secondary education, pre-professional study etc. Territorial structure of the Chernivtsi Region educative-pedagogic complex has […]

Geographical and national features catering tourist accommodation establishments. Ganich. N.M.

The features of tourist services in accommodation facilities catering. Reveals one of the important components of gastronomic service – nutrition services in hotel rooms. Key words: accommodation facilities, catering, organization of services. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/025_633_634_Ganich.pdf]

Education system in Ekaterinoslav gubernia – Dnepropetrovsk region for the period 1897-1945 years. Gorozhankina N.

The development of an educational system that based on data from the first general census of the Russian Empire in 1897, one-day census of elementary schools of the Russian Empire in 1911 are covered, taking into account the native language and written language, religion, social status, religious structure of the population, the educational level of […]

Land objects assessment of Chernivtsi city according to results of ecological auditing. Nakonechny K.D.

At contemporary stage of national economy development one cannot advance without taking into account ecological issues. Ecological issues are often considered as secondary when it comes to implementation of economic activity. In accordance with the strategy of constant country development the ecological auditing is considered to be one of the top priority trends of government […]

Retrospective and Modern Structure of Population Settlement in Ivano-Frankivsk Region. Hyshchuk R.

Modern structure of population settlement in Ivano-Frankivsk region based on the rating analysis of key social population settlement factors in retrospective is under the consideration in this article. The article is focused on the total number of modern and original settlements; the total energy of the settlement area (TESA) of all localities; the quantity of […]

From the history of surveying the Chernivtsi region. Bilokrynitskiy S.

The history of geodetic support of Chernivtsi region from XVIII century to nowdays. It is noted that when a part of the Chernivtsi region was part of Austria, there have been four surveying. The entire territory of Bukovina was covered triangulation and leveling networks, but the quality of work was poor. Existing geodetic network was […]

Features land populated areas Dnister region Ternopol. Syhuj P., Atamanjyk M.-T.

The features of modern land use in settlements in Ternopil region, directly adjacent to the shoreline of the DniesterRiver. Investigated the component structure of land resources and especially its territorial differentiation. Calculated coefficient antropogenic changing the study area. The variants optimize land use in the future. Key words: land bank, land use, human factor changing […]