№ 655

The basic categories and concepts of geodemographic process. Javorska V.

In article are considered a question of development of the terminological device which assists creation of the certain heuristic potential of the geodemographic sciences. Defines the basic categories, terms and concepts of geodemography which are used in scientific geodemographic researches of domestic and foreign authors. Key words: a geodemographic conditions, a geodemographic situation, a demographic […]

Destinations effective involvement fortifications Transcarpathian region as tourist objects. Symochko A.V.

The article analyzes the development of fortifications Transcarpathian region and their role and importance for tourism. The basic directions of the effective use of these facilities as tourist sites, identified problems that hinder their active development, with emphasis on major fortifications and especially their conservation. Key words: fortifications, tourist activities, tourist attractions, charm, uses of […]

Theoretical and methodological aspects of the analysis types and classifications of unemployment. Lopushnyak L.V.

The article highlights the types of classification schemes and unemployment, which take into account the cause of unemployment, manifestations of this phenomenon, its duration, spatial distribution, social and professional composition of the unemployed. Key words: types of unemployment, cyclical, structural and frictional unemployment, the spatial distribution of unemployment, socio-professional composition of the unemployed. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/028_655_Lopuchnyak.pdf]

Analysis of Electoral activism in the light of Human Development Index. Kuzyshyn A.

The article is about to searching regular trends and relationships between quantitative indicators vote in provincial regions of Ukraine and regional human development index. Such comparison can determine the trend line based on electoral activity and the place which the region takes in terms of regional components of the index of human development. Also grouping […]

Territorial organization of vocational education institutions in Volyn region. Ilyiv O.M.

The component structure of vocational education institutions has been analyzed, the current state of development of vocational education institutions has been defined, the level of development of vocational education in the regions has been defined, the coefficients of the placement uniformity and availability of public vocational education institutions have been calculated,staff capacity and material base […]

The net of general education institutions in the Ivano-Frankivsk region: present-day state of development. Zayachuk O., Dronyak G.

The questions of functioning of general education institutions seem to be the question of the hour if presentday transformational processes in the system of education in general and secondary education in particular are taken into account. The formation and the development of the net of general education institutions depends upon a number of both natural […]

The main forms of historical and cultural tourism resources. Zablotovska A.

The main forms of security of historical and cultural sites are investigated and disclosed it’s content in this work. The basic directions of it’s application in practice are proposed. Key words: forms of historical and cultural monuments, zone of monuments, protected areas, conservation zone, zone controlled building, zone of archaeological cultural layer, protected landscape area. […]

Geographical features of the labor force of Khmelnitsky region. Gerenchyk M., Zayachyk M.

This paper deals with the labor resources of Khmelnitska oblast and the structure of employment according to the economical crisis which has emerged in Ukraine recently and covered all areas of economical complex coefficients, economical burden on the economically active population and the employment degree of labor resources. The mapped schemes that reflect territorial characteristics […]

Problems reconstruction and disassembly of building industry products. Burka V.

The article raises major problems of disassembly and reconstruction of old structures, and the ways of problem solution. Basic methods, ways and technologies used in disassembly or reconstruction are described. The importance of this kind of activity in the country’s development is accentuated upon. Key words: building industry, critical condition, disassembly, reconstruction, wrecking, material and […]

Characteristics of chemical composition and water quality of Southern Bug river basin. SchegulnaY., Savitskiy V.

The article deals with natural and man-made conditions of the hydrochemical regime and surface water quality in the basin of the Southern Bug. The characteristic of hydrochemical regime was made for rivers SouthBugRiver Basin based on observations of the twenty-year period. Environ-mental assessment of surface water quality was made in the appropriate category for period […]

Modern state and problems of drinkable water-supply of population of Ukraine. Shevchuk Y.F.

Considered problems of drinkable water-supply of population of Ukraine and factors which influence on quality of drinking-water. Key words: water resources, sources of water-supply, water-supply, quality of water, drinking-water, plumbings networks. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/020_655_Shevchuk.pdf]

Features of temporal variability of the relations between concentrations Rb and K in fractions of aerosol on the coast of the Black sea (by an example of the c. Sevastopol). Kholoptsev O.V., Zudilova L.A.

These features of temporal variability of the relations between concentrations Rb and K in insoluble and soluble fractions of aerosol on the coast of the Black sea show the first one is formed princi-pally by the particles of terrigenous origin. The second one represented by the parti-cles of water aerosol, which formed by the destruction […]

Landscapes Dniester valley in the interval c.Hotin – to c.Ozhevo. Hodan G.D., Kaminska L.

The region is situated in the west of middle Dnister region. It occupies the right bank of the Dniester valley of Hotin from Ozhevo. From the north it okonturyuye Dniester and to the south the watershed area. Key words: morphological units, landscape systems, human-induced changes [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/018_655_Hodan_And.pdf]

Avalanche natural terrain complex in Chornogora old-glacial relief. Tykhanovych Ie.

Some conditions of formation avalanche natural terrain complex in the landscape Chornogora are describe. Avalanche situation on the territory of Chornogora is analyzing. The main avalanche risk terrain locate are determine. The avalanche natural terrain complex that are locate in Bresckul’s kar are research. Theirs formation factors were analyzed. The landscape structure affect on formation […]

Landscape-geochemical features of the ecological condition of rural geosystems Northern Bukovina (for example key element Myhove). Tanasyuk M.V.

A landscape-geochemical study of the ecological condition of rural areas on the example of key areas Myhove, the degree of contamination of the environment and migration ability heokompleksiv. Revealed areas of accumulation of pollutants in the elementary geochemical landscapes. Key words: rural geosystems, ecological conditions, landscape structure, basic geochemical landscapes. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/016_655_Tanasuk.pdf]

Hydrological and hydrochemical taxonomy wetlands of postglacial areas. Solovey T.V.

Proposed hydrological and hydrochemical taxonomy wetlands of postglacial areas based on the six-level generalization and consists of the following taxonomic ranks: the varieties, species, genera, sub-types, types, and classes. Clearly defined diagnostic features (criteria) and the parameters by which the wetlands belong to different hierarchical levels. This hydrological and hydrochemical taxonomy wetlands can be used […]

Victor Conrad – a new name in history of Chernivtsi university. Sergeeva T.

Searching-research job in connection with the 100 year creation of the Chernivtsi university’s seismic station are presented, in article results research of unknown chernivtsi period (1910-1919) in biography of professor Victor Conrad – the widely known Austrian-American physicist, seismologist and climatology, founder of department of kosmic physics and meteorological observatory, seismic station in the Chernivtsi […]

The environmental safety of geosystems is a scientific direction of constructive geography. Prykhodko M.M.

Increasing human impact on the environment leads to problems of environmental risks and environmental safety geosystems’. The necessity of the scientific direction of constructive geography is the environmental safety geosystems’ defined its object, subject, objectives and methods. Here are sets out the theoretical and methodological foundations and environmental safety management system geosystems’. Key words: scientific […]

Landscape-geochemical analysis of settlement territory geosystems Prut-Siretskoho watershed (within the Chernivtsi region). Prysakar V.B.

Settlement Geosystems Rod-Siretskoho watershed Chernivtsi region belong to lisoluchnoho type landscapes. They are characterized by both the general and specific landscape and geochemical properties. These properties are the basis for obtaining information on the environmental status of the study area, there are foundations heosystemnoho environmental monitoring geoecological examination of national economic projects. Key words: geochemical […]

Ground of possibility of creation on territory of national natural park “Vijnickiy” (Chernivtsi area) medical establishments. Novodran O.V., Nikipelova O.M., Solodova L.B., Koeva Î.M., Koeva C.O., Zaharchenko E.A.

The results of study of displays of mineral waters of different chemical composition are presented on territory of national natural park (NNP) “Vijnickiy”. The necessity of their further complex study is reasonable with the purpose of development of Instruction on the practical using for internal and outward application in medical practice. Territory of NNP “Vijnickiy” […]