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Grouping geodemographic processes in the regions of Ukraine by form alized criterions. Yavorska V.V.

In thispaper we have conducted grouping of geodemographic processesin the regionsof Ukraine by form alized criterions. In our example, the graphics are considered with a time interval of 115 years and check points for census years. But such generalized statistical distributions of the total population of Ukraine and its region sprovide some methodological guidelines and […]

Background of wood industry Сhernivtsi cluster region. Hudikovska V.A.

The essence of the concept cluster. The analysis of international experience in the use of cluster structures in the industry as a whole and forestry production in particular. Based on the results of the study, defined geographic location the wood industry. Definitely the largest wood processing centers and found conditions woodworking cluster formation in the […]

Local communities role in regional sustainable development. Torushanko V.R.

The article analyzes role of local communities in the long term transition region into a model of sustainable development is considered. The place of the local community as ethnic and cultural forms of social organization is defined. Definition of territorial communities from the perspective of social geography is presentation. The features of the regional community […]

Western region Ukraine postmilitary object. Sulik B.

This article is devoted to still poorly studied topic of inactive military installations. Military installations of different purposes were formed in the Western region of Ukraine. Over time, many of them lost their strategic importance, have been eliminated or abandoned. It is still difficult to indicate accurate number of such objects and their ecological state. […]

Major trends in children’s health in the Chernivtsi region. Smuk O.

The article deals with the development of youth tourism Chernivtsi region analyzed’s recreational facilities, open main areas of improvement and problems and prospects. Key words: children and youth tourism, children’s camps, recovery [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/672_673_035_Smik.pdf]  

Formation and development of ethnic tourism (for example, migration Lemko in the middle of XX century). Påtryk N.A., Chubrey A.S.

Ethnic tourism can become a driver of the economy in the XXI century according to many experts. Research in ethnic tourism is an important task because this area is a priority for Ukraine. Lemkivschyna deserves the most attention among the colorful Ukrainian ethnic groups. Lemko kept unique, original, colorful, indigenous traditions of their ancestors. This […]

Ihe transport infrastructation of turism Ivano-Frankivsk reqion. Nevenchenko A.I.

Ihe plot of transport infrastrectation is discussed. Ihe importance of developing of turism in Ivano-Frankivsk reqion is nessasary. Key words: transport, infrastructation, turism, reqion. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/672_673_033_Nevenchenko.pdf]  

Creation and development of tourist business in Ukraine. Marunyak Ya.

The article describes the main stages of creation and development of tourism enterprises in Ukraine. The peculiarities of operation of tourism enterprises and the main problem. A comparative analysis of the development of tourism, are measured by generally accepted in developed countries indicator of tourism enterprises by 10 thousand people ( some authors use the […]

Commerce tourism – a modern factor of employment (for example in the city of Chernivtsi). Lopushnyak L.

The article discusses the formation of the modern aspects of tourism on commerce in Chernivtsi, revealed the structure of tourism on commerce, its main levels that are developing today. Analyzes the modern shopping complexes, recreational and tourist identified historical and cultural components of tourism on commerce. Key words: commerce, congress, agricultural, industrial tourism, shopping mall, […]

Estates of rural green tourism as an object of in employment Ivano-Frankivsk region. Levytsky O.

In the study considered the role and impact of tourism estates rural green tourism on the employment in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. Analyzes placing estates rural tourism in administrative districts and municipalities, analyzed the basic range of international projects that are implemented in order to attract people to employment in this type of tourism. Key words: […]

Formation of the settlement network of Dniester canyon (time-spatial analysis). Krul’ V.P. Dobrovol’s’ka S.Ja., Hadel’shyn O.R.

The 19 stages of the formation of settlement network of Dniester canyon were highlighted: from the first, that gripped the early Palaeolithic, to the nineteenth, which took place in 1901-2000 AD. The most intensive phase was eighth (III millennium BC), during which the 174 area of modern settlements initial humanity was populated. The most powerful […]

Hydrochemical analysis of Stebnyk river in the National nature park „Vizhnitsky”. Guzak L.I., Andrusyak N.S.

The article presents the hydrochemical characteristics of Stebnyk river, which flows in the NPPV. The influence of economic and recreational activities on the water quality of the Stebnyk river. Conducted hydrochemical analysis of water was found belonging to Stebnyk weakly alkaline bicarbonate-calcium-magnesium type. The necessity of systematic monitoring was established of Stebnyk river on the […]

Religious activity of regions of Ukraine: territorial differences, tendencies of development. Kostashchuk I.І.

The concept of “religious activity of the population” is studied in the article from the perspective of social geography. It is considered the peculiarities of the religious activity of the population depending on various factors – age, education, type of residence and others. There has been traced religious activity of the population of different regions […]

Geographical aspects of formation of foreign tourist flows in Chernivtsi region. Kostashchuk V.I.

The article studies peculiarities of development of a foreign tourism in Chernivtsi region. It is suggested the classification of major factors in the foreign tourism development and their impact on the intensity of tourist flows. The article analyses the features of formation of the main tourist flows from Chernivtsi region to the countries of the […]

De-industrialization of the Regions of Ukraine and its Reflection in the Employment Structure. Kornus A.

The paper examines the structure of employment by economic activity in the context of the administrative-territorial units of Ukraine. Found that the processes of de-industrialization are most significant impact on the employment structure. Based on the analysis of the ratio between employed in the primary (agriculture, forestry and fisheries), secondary (mining and manufacturing industries and […]

Mountain shelters of Galicia. Klapchuk V.M.

This article provides information about the geography and features of mountain shelters Galicia. Details are characterized by mountain shelters Stanyslavivschyny. Key words: Galicia, shelters, Stanyslavivschyna. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/672_673_025_Klapchuk.pdf]  

Methodological approaches to the prognostication development of touristic routes network (for example territory of Chernnivtsy region). Kylynska K.I.

The methodological approaches to the prognostication development of touristic routes network on the territory Chernivtsy region, was offered in the represented publication. Been detected study structure of touristic routes network, allocated method avtoprognostication. Key words: touristic routes network, categorization of tourist routes, the evaluation influence of touristic routes on the environment, avtoprognosis. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/672_673_024_Kilinska.pdf]

Cultural institutions the Chernivtsi oblast: present-day state and peculiarities of territorial organization. Zayachuk O.

Components structure of cultural institutions, their (institutions) present-day state and spatial problems are analyzed. The net of libraries, club-type cultural institutions, museums, cinemas, movie halls, etc is characterized. Basic functions of cultural institutions and territorial differences in said institutions functioning are considered. Coefficients of localization and concentration for cultural institutions in the Chernivtsi Oblast are […]

Principles and mechanisms of formation of new local communities and the functioning of the original settlement systems. Zastavetska L.

The paper analyzes the features of the functioning of the primary settlement systems in the modern period, and indicated the need for the formation of the new Ukraine local communities as basic facilities management. This should be taken into account the following principles: placing the population, territorial, demographic, socio-economic and self-governing. These principles are the […]

Peculiarities of the Formation and Development of Khmelnytskyi Interdistrict Settlement System. Zablotovska N.V., Levitska I.

The peculiarities of Khmelnytskyi Interdistrict Settlement System have been characterized. The role of the formation and development of Khmelnytskyi city has been revealed. The limits of intensity zones of settlement system centre, taking into account main peculiarities of transport accessibilities to the regional center have been specified Key words: settlement, population centre, settlement system, settlement […]