The 19 stages of the formation of settlement network of Dniester canyon were highlighted: from the first, that gripped the early Palaeolithic, to the nineteenth, which took place in 1901-2000 AD. The most intensive phase was eighth (III millennium BC), during which the 174 area of modern settlements initial humanity was populated. The most powerful in the number of initial settlement was seventh stage, when during the fourth millennium BC their number reached 318 units (61.5% of the modern settlement network). Only from the sixteenth stage (XVI c.) larger network of settlements begins recorded, when in the Dniester canyon 351 settlements were existed. Starting from the twelfth stage (501-900 AD), there is a constant growth of settlement network (from 74 settlements), as recorded by such settlements, which begins its continuous existence of the specified (20 pcs.), and all subsequent stages.

Key words: settlement, town, settlement network, the initial settlement, DniesterCanyon



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