№ 672-673

Territorial Differences of Population Settlement in Chernivtsi Region. Zablotovska N., Leiberyuk O.

The territorial and natural peculiarities of the population settlement of Chernivtsi region have been analyzed. Some statistical computations which characterize the geography of population area in Chernivtsi region have been offered. The main factors of the course of settlement processes and some territorial differences of the above mentioned region have been singled out. Key words: […]

Justification of the main ahrotherapy’s methods in the regions of Ukraine. Emchuk T.V.

Leisure and recreation – a vital human need. They provide its normal physiological and psychological functioning, allow to restore physical and mental strength. Modern health tourism offers the opportunity to use therapies that are in close interaction. They require comprehensive study and practical recommendations for their use in recreational purposes. Key words:health tourism, ahrotherapy’s methods, […]

Analysis of the Factors of Eco Hotel Accommodation(as exemplified by Chernivtsi region). Danilova O.N., Poginayko I.V.

The factors that determine the choice of territory for the construction of eco hotel complexes are analyzed and structured. On the basis of the developed guidelines for the ratings of the areas favorable to accommodate eco hotels administrative districts of Chernivtsi region are rated on the cumulative favorability. Key words: an eco hotel, environmental certification, […]

Some problems of evaluating students during the SEC (Faculty of Geography (Geography direction). Gricku V.

Work and results of the state examination committee was analyzed in this article. Psychological and pedagogical recommendations for improvement of the work of the committee on the evaluation of scientific works of the students and their responses on exams have been provided. Groups of the students by level of acquired knowledge were identified. Different didactic […]

Features of the land fund Bukovina Precarpathians. Atamanyuk M.-T.

In the article the modern features of the structure and use of land resources in the region of Bukovina Precarpathians. A ranking grassroots administrative units of the share of different categories of land designations. The levels of population under study agricultural land and solved using modern structure of agricultural land. Key words: land fund, physico-geographical […]

Territorial structure of present-day river-lowland system of the Upper Prut. Yushchenko Y., Kostenyuk L., Starodub K.

A  riverbed science and geomorphologic (geo-hydro-morphologic) GIS-based technique to divide present-day river-lowland systems into distinctive components was suggested and tested; major components of present-day river-lowland system of the Upper Prut were outlined and described. Key words: present-day river-lowland system, territorial division of river valley bottoms, homogeneous areas of river channels and flood plains. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/672_673_015_Yuschenko_.pdf]  

Modern river-valley systems territorial structure’s research problems. Yushchenko Yu., Pasicznyk M., Kostenyuk L., Opechenyk V., Yushchenko O.

Important aspects of territorial structures of modern river-valley systems are exposed. The problem of taxonomy in particular. Proposed to allocate trunks and crowns. The crowns elements study tasks are identified. Key words: territorial structure, the landscape, the bottoms of river valleys, river-valley system, stream-channel system, trunk, crown, geomorphological aspects, taxonomy. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/672_673_014_Yuschenko_.pdf]  

Landscape heterogeneity of the Medium Dnister valley. Holyavchuk D.

The Medium Dnister valley as complex organized space is described. The region is distinguished as intrazone canyon river system within flat landscape class and grassland and forest zone types. It is defined by different landscape heterogeneity levels with complicated inner structure. They are analyzed on the example of physical geographical regions. The main altitude heterogeneity […]

Medical and ecological features of Gertsa and surrounding area. Hodan G.D.

The analysis of medical and ecological status of the territory and its environs Hertz discovered the main pollutants. Proposed measures to optimize the ecological status of the territory. Key words: Medical and ecological status, ecological and geochemical study-ing, landscape, toxic substances, transformation, íuman pressure. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/672_673_012_Hodan.pdf]  

Ecological and geochemical features of the landscape village Putila. Tanasyuk M.V.

On the basis of studies of settlement geosystems calculated concentration factors, identify indicators of pollution intensity of natural ingredients and integral indicators of environmental hazards identified areas of accumulation of pollutants in elementary geochemical landscapes of the study area. Key words: settler geosystems, landscape complexes, landscape-geochemical systems, basic geochemical landscapes. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/672_673_011_Tanasuk.pdf]  

Mode of the main ions of the small rivers of the urbanized territory. Nikolaev A.N. Shevchyuk U.F.

The mode of the main ions of the small rivers of the urbanized territory with different levels of anthropogenous influence on the pool is studied. Dependences of the contents, seasonal dynamics of the main ions and chemical composition on water expenses are analysed. Key words: main ions, water content of the river, hydrological seasons, mineralization […]

River landscape-technical systems. Lavryk O.

The questions of whether to use the term «river landscape-technical system». The theoretical aspects of the structural organization of landscape-engineering systems and landscape-technogenic systems. On the example of the development of the model described the development and operation of typical river landscapetechnical systems. Planned research river landscape-technical system in the future. Key words: river, anthropogenic […]

Landscape and phytocenotic basis of eco-network of Uman region. Konaykin S.M., Sovgira S.V., Goncharenko G.E.

There was reviewed geo-component representation of modern and future protected areas. On the example of Uman region a geospatial model was developed and structural elements of local eco-network were grounded. There was defined the place of regional eco-network in the structure of the national eco-network of Ukraine. The eco-conditions of landscapes of eco-net frame were […]

Gukiv, Dereluy and Vyjenka River Basins as megaecosystems. Kyryliyk O., Kyryliyk S.

Hydroecological situation in Gukiv, Dereluy and Vyjenka basin systems is traced as a manifestation of hydrobiocenoses formed types. Coefficients of transformation of river basins, integrated index of surface condition catchment and index of the natural protection area are calculated, which confirmed the election of Vyjenka basin system as reference relatively Gukiv and Dereluy basin systems. […]

Long term changes in air temperature and precipitation in the East Carpathian region. Kynal’ O., Bilyk M.

The features of the long term variations of the average annual air temperature and annual precipitation of the East-Carpathian region (Ukraine) were investigated. The periods and phases of warming and cooling of the regional climate identified. The regional differences in temporal distribution of air temperature and precipitation were clarified. Key words: climate, the East Carpathian […]

Research of influence of the major sources of pollution to changing water quality Prut River in Chernivtsi in the last 7 years and their impact on the environment. Gricku V.S., Kipreeva N.Yu.

In this article, monitored the water quality of the river Prut in the last 7 years. The attention is paid to the state of deterioration of the situation of the water and on the reasons that caused it. The use of integrated assessment of water quality index confirmed its dependence not only on the degree […]

Geographical aspects of the formation and development of the water supply system in the Sniatyn town of Ivano-Frankivsk region. Hryhoriychuk V.

The article deals with the different conditions of the formation and development of the water supply system in the Sniatyn town of Ivano-Frankivsk region. Presented scheme of water intakes and determined the improving conditions of their work. Causes of excess consumption of electric power are listed. Key words: water supply network, ground water, infiltration water […]

Features of extent geosystems of Western Podolia in the Lviv Region. Gorohivska I.

Analyzed the constructive and geographical approach to the selection limits of Western Podillya by domestic and modern authors. Proposed own interpretation of the limits of Western Podillya in order to further constructive and geographical analysis and design optimization measures explored territory. The basic regularities that are considered when conducting boundaries, such as the relief area, […]

Evolution of the Podolian-Bukovinian part of the Dniester valley during the Late Cenozoic (after morphometric data). Gorda L.V., Ridush B.T.

For the Podolian-Bukovynian part of the Dniester valley in the section between villages Vasyliv and Balamutivka, after morphometric parameters, namely the relative heights under the scheme of terraces by M.F. Veklich, the terrace levels from XVI to I were distinguished, which cover the formation sages of the valley from the early Pliocene till Holocene. As […]