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“Geographia generalis” by Bernhard Varenius in the context of forming Ukrainian geography. Shtoyko P.

The main ideas of B.Varenius that have been forgotten undeservedly for a long time in geography are elucidated. Its division into general (general land studies) and special (regional) geography has been considered. The link of the scientist’s creativity with the view of Ukrainian geographers has been noted. Key words: Earth surface, interdisciplinary connections, general and […]

Peculiarities of processing Landsat satellite images for land resources mapping of Chernivtsi region. Smirnov Y.V.

In the article considered main features of processing images obtained by satellites of Landsat family. Formulated a universal algorithm for processing such images in the software package ArcGIS and identified areas of use of Landsat data for mapping of land resources (on the example of Chernivtsi region). Key words: RSS, GIS, Landsat, land resources, ArcGIS. […]

Geographic features land use district of Vizhnitsa area, Chernivtsi region. Pechenyuk V.O. , Bodnarashek O.I.

The article discusses the features of the distribution of the land fund Vizhnitsa area by the main categories under the influence of natural and socio-economic factors . Analyzed the distribution of each category of land for its intended use in the context of rural and urban local councils of the study area , taking into […]

Features of agricultural land use in the Carpathian region of Ukraine. Pankiv Z.

Based on the data of the State Land Cadastre it was analyzed the structure and geography of the land resources of the Carpathian region of Ukraine both in terms of administrative areas and within land-use lanes. It was defined the changes that have occurred in the structure of land fund and especially of its distribution […]

Religious sphere Zacarpathian region. Kostaschuk I., Sinko M.

The features of the formation of the modern territorial organization and the religious sphere Transcarpathian region. The factors of its formation and found that the most important of which is the historical and geographical and ethnic. Key words: religious sphere, denomination, religious organization, religious community. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/696_024_Kostaschuk_2.pdf]

Sacral-tourism potential of Chernivtsi Oblast features of the formation and use of. Kostaschuk I. Hutculjak A.

The peculiarities of formation and territorial organization of sacral and tourism potential of Chernivtsi region. Analysis of religious and ethnic, historical and geographical factors of its formation. Established in Chernivtsi region’s leading destination tourism development should be just religious tourism and pilgrimage. The ways of improvement of the industry. Key words: sacred-tourism potential, religious objects, […]

Dynamics of Macrostructure of Gross Value Added of the Ukraine’s Regional Socialgeosystems. Kornus A.O.

The article is presents the results of a regional analysis of the structure of gross value added by economic activity. Based on the analysis of the ratio of gross value added in the primary (agriculture, forestry, fisheries), secondary (mining and manufacturing and construction) and tertiary (service industries) sectors performed typology of regions by mentioned indicators. […]

The development of education system in tourism. Klim A., Zayachuk O.

The article analyzes the international experience of educational institutions for training for the tourism industry . Outlines the development trend of international experience training professionals tourism industry. Describes in detail the domestic system of training for the tourism industry especially its formation and dynamics. The main attention is paid to the analysis of regional educational […]

The structure of the educational sector in the region. Ilyiv O.M.

In this article the structure of the educational sector is defined and its structural components are analyzed. Functional, componential, territorial and management analysis are suggested as means of research of the educational complex. Key words: educational complex, system of educational institutions, service system, management system. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/696_020_Iliiv.pdf]

Emergence of human and points Volyn region their territorial organization. Dobynda I.

The paper analyzes the emergence of settlements in Volyn region from the Paleolithic to the present day and their territorial location. Based on the time-spatial characteristics of the proposed settlement 17 stages and identifying the origin of the settlements and their quantitative characteristics as the percentage ratio investigated in all localities of Volyn region in […]

Modern state of the use of built-up earths of the Ivano-Francovsk area. Darchuk K.

Modern the state of the use of builtup earths of the Ivano-Francovsk area. The features of the use of built-up earths of the Ivano-Francovsk area are considered. The component structure of the landed fund and feature of his territorial differentiation is investigational. The stake of general and housing land of the Ivano-Francovsk area development is […]

Prospects for the Development of Ecotourism with in the Objects of Vinnytsia Region Nature-Reserve Fund. Danilova O.M., Pociluyko A.I.

The need for recreation and tourism activities within the territories of the natural reserve fund, in particular the development of ecological tourism, is stressed. Within this context, structural and territorial specifics of differences NRF objects in Vinnytsia region are analyzed, indicating that the region under study has sufficient foundations for the development of eco-tourism, particularly […]

Formation and development of a recreational complex Storozhinetskiy area. Hrytsky V., Hacman M.

The article analyzes the recreation and tourism resources and tourism potential Storozhinetskiy area. Shortly characterized the major types of tourism of the region. Peculiarities of the further development of internal and external tourism are analyzed. Key words: recreation and tourism resources, tourist complex, tourist and recreational potential. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/696_016_Gricku_2.pdf]

The concept of “reindustrialization” in human geography. Vovk I.

The process of transformation of the society has analyzed, the concept of transformation, industrialization, deindustrialization, reindustrialization have defined. The basic features of deindustrialization and the main elements of reindustrialization have selected. The features of geography of information society have indicated. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/696_015_Vovk.pdf]

Natural conditions of the development of building-industrial complex of the Carpatian economic rayon. Burka V., Burka I.

Territorial specificity of economic rayon’s natural environment is analyzed as well as its effect upon the development and allocation of the process of building. The effects of climate, water resources, geological structure, relief and seismicity upon the development of building industry in the Carpathian Economic Rayon are described. Key words: natural conditions, nature resource, building, […]

Aspects of the development and use of GIS decision support in land management area of the village council Nyzhni Stanivtsy. Atamanyuk M-T., Taras Gutsul T., Skrypnyk Ya.

The main methodological and technological aspects of developing a local-level GIS for land management to optimize the management area of the vil-lage council. A model of interaction between system components. An algorithm for database queries in order to obtain management decisions. Key words: GIS; Land Management; geospatial analysis; cartographic model. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/696_013_Atamanyuk.pdf]

Territorial units of the modern river-valley systems (with example of the Upper Prut and Siret). Yushchenko Yu., Kyryliuk A., Kosteniuk L., Pasichnuk N., Yushchenko A.

The major territorial units to which river valleys must be separated within their hydro-morphological studies was identified. The taxonomic system of MRVS separation was given. The river valleys bottoms classification was developed. The MRVS territorial units block diagram of hydro-morphological database was created. Key words: territorial units, modern river-valley system (MRVS), homogeneous areas of river […]

Ekology Status of area landscapes Zastavnyvskoho district Chernovytskoy region. Hodan G, Kozachok N.

Analysis of geographical and environmental conditions and landscape features Zastavna area. On the basis of defined degree of contamination of the environment and migration ability heokompleksiv. Revealed areas of accumulation of pollutants in the landscape. Key words: landscape, buildings, landscape-geochemical systems, heavy metals, background content, the environmental condition of the landscape. [download=https://collectedpapers.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/696_011_Hodan.pdf]

Landscape-geochemical assessment status of the basin Selyatynskoyi. Tanasyuk M.V.

Analysis of geographical conditions and geochemical characteristics of landscapes Selyatynskoyi basin. Based on the results of field and chemical-analytical studies, calculations of ecological and geochemical indicators characterizes the degree of geochemical pollution load and intensity of natural ingredients, this ecological landscape assessment study area. Key words: landscape complexes, landscape-geochemical systems, heavy metals, background content, basic […]

Construction of semi-empirical graphical models of hydrochemical regime of rivers. Snizhko S.I., Pavelchuk E.M.

The article describes the basic principles of designing graphics semi-empirical models of hydrochemical regime of rivers and especially their application for hydrochemical calculations. The method consists in establishing empirical relationships between water runoff and the concentration of dissolved substances related to genetically homogeneous hydrological and hydrochemical series characterizing certain specific periods of hydrological year – […]